Why B1A4 are just nice and polite boys from the countryside

- Performed a free 4h long concert on a traditional market, in hopes of gathering more awareness for the traditional markets (x)

- Donated 2 tons of rice, 2,356 coal briquettes, 300 eggs, 300kg of pet food, and 10 mango trees that we’re gifted to them to those in need(x)

- They visited the home of a fan to take care of her sick mother (x)

- They refused umbrellas at a fanmeeting when it started to rain because they said : “Fans are standing in the rain so we can’t be under an umbrella” “ (x) (x) 

- Set up a donation booth for students in need twice and even offered a 15% off bargain to students who would be taking their University entrance exams from November 10 to 16. 2014 (x)

- We’re on the cover for a magazine sold by homeless people to help them raise money (x)

- Baro donated movie tickets to help disadvantaged children “This time in Laos I met the eyes of the children and I wanted to hold them as much as their eyes were sparkling” (x)

- They gave snacks to their 200 fans with handwritten letters and each was different (x)

- B1A4 and APink had a stage together and at practice the boys even bought a cake and invited the girls to eat with them (x)

- Jinyoung has always been a kind person “He’s not pretending to be a leaderIt was guaranteed that he would make other people a priority by leading them and caring for them “ (x)

- They really support each other like attending other members schedules (x)(x)

- They have lots of fun together (x)(x)

- Just look what the staff has to say about them ! “@metild87: @ssing0921 this group is so weird. every time they meet a new person, they all receive love from them..  “ or “(ah ddal staff): all of the b1a4 members are so nice and full of manners. they must have been tired but they never got annoyed, or showed an upset face expression. “ (x) ( I noticed that the blog to this translation was deleted but I reblogged the post so you can find the trans here (x)

Bonus  : They even have a good fandom!

- Bana’s giving up their seats for EXO-L’s and even cheered with them and cheered for other idols as well (x)

You know I could go on with this list for a while but I think that these are enough reasons ~

B1A4 Fighting !