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B.A.P Reaction to you sleeping together for the first time

For the ones that just want to read smut, it’s not. It’s simply sleeping next to each other with way too much fluff.


Yongguk would hesitate a little in taking of his clothes to sleep. He was somehow scared you would be afraid of his huge chest tattoo, but that fear was stupid and he also realized it soon. Yongguk would love the feeling of you curled up in his arms, not caring about anything besides this moment between the two of you.

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Himchan would be so up for this, like a giant cuddly and goofy bear. He would make sure the softest blankets and pillows are in reach and then you are already cuddling, his head in your neck, savoring your out-of-shower-body-lotion-scent. I also get the feeling Himchan would love to hold hands during sleep.

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Daehyun would be a little shy at the beginning and afraid, that he would move too much or snore, so you wouldn’t be able to sleep properly. His mood soon changes, when you take him in your arms and he feels so loved and appreciated.  Also the moment you enter the bedroom, you can choose out of all his shirts and sweaters.

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Youngjae would be chilled on the outside, but nervous on the inside, but sam as Yonnguk, he would realize there is nothing to be afraid of. Youngjae would wear his totally adorable pajamas and would give you his clothes, of course. If someone would walk in and see you sleeping, the would think something is wrong with you. Literally Youngjae and you would have the weirdest sleeping positions.

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Complete different of what you would expect, Jongup wouldn't be that shy. It’s just sleeping next to each other. You would stay awake until late in the night, play random games and watch anime, until you slowly get tired and he shuts everything off, pulling you into his arms and falling asleep in his warmth.

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Junhong wouldn’t be nervous at all. He would love the feeling of sleeping in and waking up next to you. Junhong would like really long and random talks before the two of you would try to go to sleep. Also he would know how to use his height and would insist on being your giant spoon.

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How Would a Date Night with B.A.P Look Like?

Bang Yongguk

Although Yongguk pretends to be tough in front of the camera, he is the one to enjoy romantic dates the most. Nighttime has something magical to him, and he would open up the most when it is just the two of you walking under the blanket of stars. A few of his favorite activities are going on night walks in quiet parts of the neighborhood, such as small parks or along the river and lakes of the city. He wouldn’t mind traveling to more suburban areas every now and then to go stargazing and watch for shooting stars with you. When Yongguk feels more social, he would love to check out new jazz bars in the area and enjoy the music and a cool drink with you by his side. Oh, and of course he wouldn’t mind staying in from time to time to just lay on the couch and cuddle with you all night.

Kim Himchan

Date nights with Himchan would always bring something new and exciting into your relationship. He sees date nights as a great way to bond with you in a fun way, and although he wouldn’t mind staying at home every now and then , he would want to explore the city with you most of the time. He would love to go shopping with you (Himchan would make sure to always buy you whatever you wanted) or enjoy art in one of the many museums of the city. If you have more time than just a night together, he would take you outside the city to go on a soul-cleansing walk in nature. And of course, he would constantly ask you to take pictures together so that he can update his instagram which has seen a spike in followers since the two of you have gotten together.

Jung Daehyun

It doesn’t matter if the two of you stay at home or go out; Daehyun would always find a way to fill your date night with energy and laughter. One of his favorite activities would be to stay in and prepare a homemade dinner, including deserts. However, you would likely have to be the one giving directions in the kitchen because otherwise, Daehyun would nibble on most of the ingredients before the dishes are even cooked. He would also love to spend all night at karaoke, singing your favorite songs until both of your voices are hoarse. Later, when the two of you get ready to sleep, Daehyun would propose to play truth or dare because he loves to tease you and see you flustered. And yes, he would make you do some very… intense things.

Yoo Youngjae

The chatty and social person he is, Youngjae loves to meet up in public places and enjoy the more sophisticated things in life together with you. Sometimes, the two of you would enjoy a freshly-brewed Brazilian coffee in a small, elegantly decorated café and create life stories of other customers  (your boyfriend would turn into Sherlock Youngjae Holmes when analyzing other people). Your favorite place is a cute cat and dog cafe near your home, the ideal place for the pet lovers the two of you are. If Youngjae feels like doing something more fancy, he would invite you to a wine tasting event where you probably would have to restrain him from eating all the delicious cheese and bread samples so that he does not embarrass you in front of the other guests.

Moon Jongup

Since Jongup loves to unwind through watching anime shows and playing  games, he would love it if you two could do these activities together. Imagine cuddling up next to him, a warm and fluffy blanket wrapped around you while he runs his fingers through your hair. Or imagine the two of you sitting on the floor, backs pressed against the couch behind you as both of you try to win the upper hand in Mario Kart. And Jongup’s whiny protests if you ever try to choose his favorite character, Bowser Jr., in the selection menu. Sometimes, when Jongup can’t believe that you are the victorious one again, he would grab one of the soft pillows on the couch and throw them at you, starting one of many pillow fights that have both of you laughing until you tummies hurt.

Choi Junhong (Zelo)

Junhong would be the kind of boyfriend who prefers bonding with you on a physical level (and I don’t mean just in the bedroom). If the two of you are alone in his or your apartment, he would turn up the music and start a private two-person dance party. He also loves to go bowling with you, and the score board at the local bowling alley has already listed Junhong’s name in the top 5. Indoor climbing and taking you to the gym would motivate him to work out harder than ever, just to impress you. When you ask him to do something more romantic for your next date night, he would suggest to rent out a tandem bike and ride along the river running through the city to watch the sunset and enjoy the early evening hours under the azure roof of heaven.