With the shattered pieces of her heart in her hands, she’s stuck in the corner where he left her. It was in the middle of fall, 4th of September, almost midnight. Confused and shaking, she wondered what went wrong. The last time she knew they were slow dancing in an empty hall on a saturday night, and drinking wine by a large fireplace, and kissing under the big oak tree where they first met. The last time she knew they were one.. now they’re two separate beings.

The pain went mercifully beyond her powers of feeling. Her heart is broken, her boats are burned: nothing matters anymore. She couldn’t give up the love she once thought was unbreakable. He flew off with the wings of her heart and left her flightless. A broken heart and bittersweet memories are all that’s left.

She lost her happiness and bow her head in sadness. Everything happened so suddenly. They once had the brightest flames, but the flame of love is now just a cold loneliness.