It’s DHMIS’s anniversary and I just HAD to draw something to celebrate!! It’s a quick doodle because I don’t have the time to make a beautiful picture. I think it still looks pretty good though! :D
(((this is also the first time I’ve drawn some of the characters (i.e., the butterfly and steak thing), so please forgive me if some look a bit wonky ;w;)))

Since all the edit memes i’m currently doing are either finished or near the end i’ve decided to put together my own. Feel free to join in at anytime.

tag your edits, fics, ect as #userelektrcs or #marvelladiesappreciation and i’ll reblog it for you

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  • WEEK ONE; may 1 - 7: Claire Temple
  • WEEK TWO; may 8 - 14: Lorna Dane
  • WEEK THREE; may 15 – 21: Natasha Romanoff
  • WEEK FOUR; may 22 - 28: Emma Frost
  • WEEK FIVE; may 29 - june 4: Bobbi Morse
  • WEEK SIX; june 5 - 11: Wanda Maximoff
  • WEEK SEVEN; june 12 - 18: Maria Hill
  • WEEK EIGHT; june19 - 25: Laura Kinney
  • WEEK NINE; june 26 - july 2: Elektra Natchios
  • WEEK TEN; july 3 - 9: Jubilation Lee
  • WEEK ELEVEN; july 10 - 16: Daisy Johnson
  • WEEK TWELVE; july 17 - 23: Kitty
  • WEEK THIRTEEN; july 24 - 30: Melinda May
  • WEEK FOURTEEN; august 1 - 7: Anna Marie (rouge)
  • WEEK FIFTEEN; august 8 - 14: Jemma Simmons
  • WEEK SIXTEEN; august 15 - 21: Elena “Yo-Yo” Rodriguez
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