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1. how tall are you?


2. what color and style is your hair?

long dark brown

3. what color are your eyes?

light brown

4. do you wear glasses?


5. do you wear braces?

no but i used to when I was in high school for like a year

6. what is your fashion style?

shorts / mom jeans with oversized tops / crop tops nd sneakers or boots mostly dark colors

7. any freckles/moles/beauty marks?

i get like 7 freckles during summer nd i also have beauty marks on my ankle and elbow

8. when were you born?

june 17th 1997

9. how old are you?


10. where do you live?


11. do you have siblings?

3 sisters

12. do you go to school?

im studying international studies in college

13. what kind of student are you?


14. what are your favorite tv shows?

i like sbs roomate

15. favorite pastime?

im on my phone all day

16. what is your dream job?


17. would you like to get married one day?

not really

18. would you like kids one day?


19. girly girl or tomboy?

both.. my style is more tomboy ish but personality wise girly

20. do you like shopping?

im obsessed

21. what countries have you visited so far?

ive only been to greece :(

22. what’s the scariest nightmare you’ve had?

tht i was pregnant

23. do you have enemies?


24. do you have a s/o?


25. if not, do you want one?


26. are you open about your feelings?

not at all !

27. what’s your family like?


28. would you date someone your family didn’t approve of?


29. any pet peeves?

very cynical people

30. do you believe in astrology?

i blv in some of them

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SCAN TIME: Nintendo Power trots out the terracotta army of ClayFighter 63⅓.

As noted on page 2, this covers a prerelease version of the game, with the real thing being released roughly 4 months later despite being the cover story. While strange, this wasn’t entirely unprecedented- 1991’s Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves for the NES had an almost identical delay after its NP cover feature. Lady Liberty & Hobo Cop were cut from the final game entirely, though the former made it into ClayFighter: Sculptor’s Cut along with several other characters hinted at but not highlighted here. The latter wasn’t so fortunate.

Scan - Brian Epstein, Pattie Boyd and George Harrison at the Our World broadcast, 25 June 1967

Photo: Rex Features

“The BBC’s Steve Race, a well-disposed if ageing straight, was the night’s commentator: flitting about him were the socil butterflies of newly-born psychedelia. He remembers that the guests ‘included some of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen in my life. The most rivetingly pretty turned out to be Patti [sic] Boyd.’

[Among the friends there for the recording and broadcast of ‘All You Need Is Love’ were Jane Asher, Eric Clapton, Keith Moon and his wife Kim Kerrigan, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Mike McCartney, and more]

[Photographer David Magnus names his favorite photos as those with Brian Epstein] [W]ith a rare lack of stiffness, the manager goes tie-less, and beams happily at his boys. But two months later Brian was dead, an apparent suicide, and these are the last pictures of him with his beloved Beatles.” - Paul DuNoyer, Mojo, August 1997

A gritty image of Milla Jovovich that I can only assume is taken from her Marie Claire Germany June 1997 editorial, given that the styling (by Barbara Baumel) and the general vibe of the picture matches with the other ones from the set. Take a trip back a few years with this austere image of the model/actress. This image was sourced from ‘The Quiet Front’s’ Tumblr page.