June 5

1832 Barricades in Newspaper Sources: A Masterpost

For convenience of reference, here’s a masterpost compiling my newspaper selections covering the funeral/barricades of June 5-6, 1832, which I’ve translated into English.  In chronological order:

1.)   Le National, 5 June 1832 (published 6 June).

2.)   Le National, 6 June 1832 (published 7 June).

3.)   Le Journal des Débats, 6 June 1832 (published 7 June).

4.)   Le National, 8 June 1832 (published 9 June).

5.)  La Tribune des Départements, 19 June 1832 (published 20 June).

Take a break. Enjoy these LGBTQ+ themed Tumblrs.

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Up and Out (@upandoutcomic)

This self-described “serious autobio series” depicts the day-to-day of the artist’s gender transition. Some of the posts will make your heart ache, others will put a smile on your face. It’s super real, it’s very honest, and it’s almost always done in three panels or less.

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Pricks and Pretension (@pricksandpretension)

Here is a thing you never knew you wanted: an LGBTQ+, dual-authored comic adaptation of Pride and Prejudice set in Canada. Randi Hamel’s (@rannibuns) contributions are all tinted red, Tajliya Jamal’s (@heyimtaj) are awash in blue, and the Tumblr is updated every Friday.

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Queer Graffiti (@queergraffiti)

Whether it’s a really well-painted Bambi or just some hastily written permanent marker on concrete, all graffiti is welcome on @queergraffiti. It’s a submission Tumblr, and it accepts photos of graffiti all over the world.

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LGBT+ Moodboards and Art (@lgbt-moodboard)

Mood boards have been everywhere the past year or two. This is just one Tumblr out of a few that are serving up LGBTQ+ themed mood board goodness as their followers request them. The sky is the limit. No, actually—the sky isn’t even the limit. See the space themed lesbian mood board above. Hell yeah? Hell yeah.

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Lukee Thornhill (@lukeethornhill)

This graphic designer is illustrating one important person in LGBTQ history every day in June for Pride. Day 5 of the aptly titled 30 Days of Pride series featured Miss Major, a trans woman activist and Executive Director Emeritus of the Transgender, Gender Variant, and Intersex Justice Project. Miss Major, who was at the Stonewall uprising in 1969, is ready to retire. You can donate to her GoFundMe, if you so choose. (And yes, it’s legit.)

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The Millenium Wheel

Arthur stood by Merlin’s side in silence, staring out the glass cabin, as the white metal skeleton of the monstrous wheel lifted them over London.

“Your kingdom, sire,” Merlin said, looking over at him with all the devotion Arthur remembered from so long ago. His words were soft and reverent, and yet they held echoes of ancient power, as if by speaking them he were gifting his king the modern city that stretched to the distant horizon.

Arthur turned to face him, shoulders pushed back, meeting Merlin’s determined gaze with one of our own.  “Our kingdom,” he corrected.

Merlin smiled in response, soft and sad and full of adoration.  “I don’t want the kingdom,” he said.  “I only want its king.”

Arthur felt his breath catch, his throat going tight, overwhelmed again by all that Merlin was, and all that he’d done for him, both in their lives in Camelot as well as in that horrible separation that had followed.  

Lifetimes, Arthur thought.  Lifetimes he waited for me.  And alone.  Oh god, so alone-

Arthur stepped forward, cupping the sides of Merlin’s face in his hands, to gently kiss him, over and over, small soft things that told the miraculous man at his side again and again that of course Arthur was his, just as he was Arthur’s, just as it was always meant to be.