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Gold Fireflies Dance Through Japanese Enchanted Forest in the Summer of 2016

An array of photographers captured these stunning images of gold fireflies during Japan’s rainy season in June and July. A dazzling long-exposure effort, the fireflies resemble a chimerical glittery effect only seen by fairies in enchanted forests.

T-SITE Interview

Q: Introduce yourself:
Junhoe: I am sexy and smoky vocal June. I like being called “sexy”, “handsome” etc 

Q: WYD Stans for “what you doing’. When asking a girl, what will you add after ‘wyd’?
Junhoe: (after thinking seriously long and hard) Let’s eat together? 

Q: How will you approach a girl you like?  
Junhoe: Similar to Bobby. Using words or actions to show how I feel. Girls, by seeing and hearing you will be able to tell immediately? "I like you” will create this kind of atmosphere 

Q: Any concert mistakes:
Jinhwan: Even if Junhoe did something wrong he acts as if he did nothing wrong
Junhoe: If I made a mistake and my expression shows it all that would be unprofessional. Being a professional, even if I made a mistake I have to have a poker face. That’s my style
other members: wow!!!

Trans by: Team Junhoe | Take Out With Full Credit