160827 iKON Full Performance @ A-NATION Festival 2016

June/Painted Doll from The Devil's Carnival Movies

There may be more autistic traits but these are some I noticed:

  • Eccentric personality and dress
  • Was excited for job at Heavenly Productions Inc, but then changed interest into being a one
  • May be considered emotionally immature and sensitive, but is a bit more open about emotions
  • Mood issues (seen in atypical autism)
  • Prone to emotional overload
  • Is mostly nonverbal, using singing to express feelings (and also probably stim)
  • Uses loud music to stim
  • Words and actions can be easily misunderstood
  • Seen as self-centered and cold
  • Is excited about being and applicant, only time she actually talks instead of singing
  • Only has one close friend (Cora), doesn’t do hang out or do many “typical” activities with friend.
  • Pretty noticable attraction, (attraction is also pretty rare) will only talk with ones she is attracted to and is with them a lot (sort of fawns over them) (She’s attracted to Cora and The Agent)
  • Very little eye contact
  • Unaware of/disinterested in what’s going on around her, only focused on what she is doing
  • Minimal acknowledgement of others
  • Possible diffuculty recognizing pontentally dangerous situations
  • Some problems with waiting her turn (Being involved in acts she wasn’t really supposed to be in)
  • Horseshoe pin from the Agent could be considered a comfort item, was very upset when it was taken from her
  • Sort of ridgid/unnatural posture

160813 My Type @ SHOWTIME TOUR - Kuala Lumpur
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