Last night Christopher and I walked 30 minutes through our neighborhood to get sushi from Sushi Lola’s. On the walk home we ended up talking about how we’ve behaved in past relationships, and funny enough we’ve both had experience with self sabotaging. It’s crazy to think that through out your life the way you love is gonna evolve. Like sometimes you love someone so deeply, so irrationally… it may even be the most you’ll ever love anyone and everyone you love after gets a different version of your love. 

Oh, and this. If I have time in the evening, I’ll re-do Elgar’nan so he would fit better with the style of the other cards. If not, I’ll deal with him once I’m back from the trip. Cheers.

It was fun in a way, even though I’m not big on drawing fan art. What do I do with my life now.