Jun Hong

Jeonghan: Dino, who’s baby are you?

Dino(in his mind): Bitch, I’m a grown ass mutha fucking man. You better back the fuck up off me before I yank them nasty ass extensions outcha head. Go back to cheating on S.coups with Joshua, or Joshua with S.coups, or whoever you’re cheating with today you trifling ass hoe. Damn.

Dino(out loud): Jeonghan’s Baby.

Seventeen Playlist Masterlist

So for the past few weeks I’ve been creating playlists that remind me of each member and everyone has been begging me to make a master list so here it is!!! A special thanks to @kpophurtsme and @bambamsblackgf for giving me a hand with these!

For when you want to feel

For when you’re getting ready

For when you’re reading

For when you’re feeling sexy as hell

For when you wanna get pumped

For when you wanna be sad

For when you’re studying

For when you wanna jam out

For when you need some confidence

For when you want the world to fuck off

For when you wanna belt out with friends

For when you’re feeling it

For when you wanna dance in your underwear

Joshua’s ranking of the ‘95 line:
1. S. Coups
2. Jeonghan
3. Joshua

Jun’s ranking of the ‘96 line:
1. Woozi = Wonwoo = Hoshi
2. Jun

The8’s ranking of the ‘97 line:
1. The8
2. Mingyu
3. DK

Source: ohmywonwoo