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I just watched the sneak preview for My Little Pony season 6 and I’ m done. I’m done. There’s no logical justification for what I just watched and I really cant wait to see them scramble and re-write history on Alicorns all over again like they did for Cadence.

Hey guys!

I’m in need of some money, so I went ahead and jumped the shark. I’m now going to be promoting Syndrome Store. I’m probably only going to post 1-2 promos a day for it, so as not to overload you guys! This is also a small part in celebration of the fact that apparently I recently hit 500 followers??

It would be really awesome if you could take a look around and buy something, which would directly help out a bird in need!


Can we just talk about Sam in this gif for a minute? That right there is the face of a guy who has wanted a baby brother for a really long time and finally has one. Just look at his face. He’s just pretty much, like, “I’m so proud of my little brother, looking at him shooting accurately.” And Dean in the background is just like, “fuck this shit, I hate everything. Sammy was my brother first, and Dad was our dad before he was yours.” And Adam’s like, “lolz, they think I’m not a ghoul."