therock “Go kill yourself and eat d*cks” has just become one of my all time favs. Thanks Kev. 👍🏾
In a huge action sequence I’m hanging off the side of a helicopter saving the lives of my co-stars @karengillanofficial, @jackblack, @nickjonas and @kevinhart4real.. and this is the gratitude they show.
For the record, I’m the one 800ft in the air being fearless while they sit on their candy asses by the monitors with their little microphones talking shit.
The #SexiestManAlive is about go down there and knock some lungs loose.
I TRULY LUV these crazy bastards and no one is having more fun on sets than us and our hard working crew.

#FridayNightShinannigans #WorkHardPlayHard #OnLocation #Atlanta #Jumanji
Play Once Again

(Yeah, this is the squeal for my KHR X Jumanji crossover, Once You Play. Read that one first. Also, I own neither of the Canons or Fandoms, my memories on the Future Arc suck, and I really shouldn’t be writing when I’m only surviving right now on caffeinated drinks. Hope someone likes it, typos and all.)

While most people usually ignore the little details, there are few who don’t. Because it can be the little details that can change your day from being terrible to wonderful. It can also be these details that can change a world.

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