AU: Your days as a lower-middle class University student are put to an end when you meet Luke. He takes an immediate liking to you and you’re soon dragged head-first into the danger of his lifestyle. You discover that him and his frat brothers are not just burnouts that are failing most of their classes, but also young yet highly-skilled con-artists. The ever charming, Ashton taking the role as the leader and muscle on occasion. Calum, the kid who spent most of his childhood in juvie for hot-wiring cars, assuming the position as the get-away driver, or the “transporter” as he likes to be referred to as. Michael, the part-time art major and full-time video game addict, playing the part as the locksmith and mastermind. Luke, a guy with too much angst and height for anyone’s liking, taking up the job as the shooter and runner. And finally, you, now in charge of being the decoy and siren.

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AU where kaneki didn’t hide the ghoul thing from hide and so the two watch spanish horror movies together late at night and hide still only gets trashy fast food and nothing is different from before except kaneki drinks coffee now and nibbles on hide’s hand because hide somehow convinced him it was a good idea

((and kaneki really really hates to admit but it tastes a lot better than his coffee))