Greece wins!

July 4, 2004. After standing for three hours in sweltering heat with ten thousand screaming football (soccer) fans, Greece took the Euro Cup final late in the second half of the match against Portugal. The Nicosia municipality set up a giant screen in the middle of Plateia Eleftherias (Freedom Square) to broadcast the match, and after the victory there were fireworks and a cheering session led by the mayor of Nicosia.

The partying went on in the streets till dawn. It was pretty much the only time during my stay on Cyprus that I was grateful to have a hotel room on the interior of the building.

July 4, 2004
Jason Anderson

The decaying burst, of fireworks, like a dandelion puff

Or a chandelier

Comets and scissors


Our night, made from mosquito bites

Thick breath and knives

In love

Independence day

Two clenched fists in the air, chanting “U-S-A!”

And I will wait

I will shiver I will wait

I will stutter I will wait

I will wait

I will wait for you and I always will!

You say, “oh, jason, are you still waiting?”

I am, I am and I love this part…

I am, I am and I sing my heart…

I will wait for you and I always will!

Still really excited about Jason coming back to DC! His live shows rule so much and he is hecka rad!!