Do you remember this?

Remember when this clip was released? The 15:15-01:01 clip from s3ep7. 

It’s the only time we have seen a clip of the future, and boy was it painful! 

It was released on a friday at 20:30, which meant, when we were done watching it, it wasn’t done happening. Not only did we see past hours, we also saw future hours! When we were done watching the clip, we knew things were still good. They were at the hotel enjoying each other. Eating burger, drinking champagne, having sex. But we also knew that hell would break loose within the next hours.

I remember that night, just watching the clock, knowing what would happen at that hotel. Those hours were so fucking painful. I was literally thinking, while laying in my bed, Isak is running around Oslo right now looking for Even. It was really upsetting to know what would happen before it happend!!

Oh god, I was so invested in season 3. I’ve never been more anxious or nervous about fictional characters before.

I couldn’t go to sleep before we got that text from Isak to Eskild.


Chantilly Lace: I used to stare up at the stars, dreaming of it would be like to be free. It used to be my favorite time of day… or night rather. I thought nothing could surpass the feeling of freedom I felt watching the midnight clouds floating over the moon, but sharing the stars with you is everything and so much more.


Niara: You wouldn’t believe the miserable night I had last night, Zeke.

Zeke rolls his eyes. Miserable in the arms of your lover? Doubt it, you looked like you thoroughly enjoy the way he f*cks you, he thinks nastily. He tunes her out until he hears Ivory’s name.

Niara: And poor Allison has to deal with that! Deal with a woman making passes at her husband! Can you believe Ivory never told Angelina Nico Holmes was her baby Daddy? Angelina would never have hired her as Nico’s personal assistant had she known! Devious b*tch.

Zeke shocked: How do you know Ivory Malcolm has a child with Nico?

Niara snaps: Didn’t you hear a word I just said? Allison found out day before yesterday when Ivory sent her a bunch of nasty text messages! Talking about she was f*cking Nico. Then Nico decides to confess to Allie that Ivory was actually the mother of his child he never knew about! Allie was furious! So we went over there to her house to confront her.

Zeke alarmed: You and Allison confronted her? What? Why?

Niara: Why? Because of the principle of it, that’s why! Oh, she was so nasty to Allie! Spoke to her all kinds of way! And she’s pregnant with Nico’s baby AGAIN. My heart is breaking for Allie, but then again, now she can take Nico to the cleaners when she divorces him. She’ll be as rich as Angelina probably.

Zeke gets off the treadmill in a daze. 

Zeke: Did you say Ivory is pregnant?

Allison: Yes. That’s what she said, and so proud to be having Nico’s baby again, the skank.

Zeke quietly: It’s not Nico’s baby.

Niara confused: How do you know? Ohhh…you work with her too, that’s right! Is she fu*cking someone else at the office? 

Zeke: Yes. Me. She’s f*cking me. It’s my baby.

Niara stares straight ahead, flabbergasted.