July 4

I drew cats for the Nick app →you should totally go download it, press that “DO NOT TOUCH” button, and you might run into this July 4th cat, which comes with some funny audio. 

Special thanks to the really cool Anna Tsalopoulos and Jason Willmann for guiding me along.

Trends? Did you say Trends? Come, my child! I have so much to tell you.

  • America celebrated July 4, the day George Washington discovered fireworks.
  • Princess Charlotte got royally christened.
  • The USWNT licked Japan in the World Cup finals.
  • Ariana Grande licked a tray of donuts.
  • You guys ruined Zoobe in the most entertaining way possible.
  • Ringo Starr turned 75 with a little help from his friends.
  • SDCC. Lookin’ good, nerds.
  • Shark Week devoured Discovery Channel’s regular line-up of naked survivalists and coverall’d moonshiners.
  • Spoilers: Harper Lee dgaf about your Mockingbird headcanon. Seriously. Spoilers in search.
  • Wimbledon wimbled on. 
  • And Big Brother 17, the biggest brother yet.

Did you ever see a more splendiferous list? Now blogs:

  • Every Single Word (everysinglewordspoken): 100 years of film, a few dozen lines of dialogue from POC. 
  • GIF Artist Collective (gifartistscollective): Without GIFs there would be chaos. 
  • No Wrong Way to Play (nowrongwaytoplay): There is no game, only the polygonal edges of the universe.

Image via uswntgifs

  • america:BLOWING SHIT UP
  • america:WE'RE NUMBER ONE
  • america:OUR FREE-DICKS
  • america:USA! USA! USA!
  • rest of the world:
  • rest of the world:
  • rest of the world:
  • rest of the world:I came out to have a good time and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now
Sera Positivity Week Official Post!

So… Sera Positivity Week is officially happening!

I got over 300 notes (which is a lot to me) and I think we need a positive week for Sera. Here is the thing: I like Cullen, but I see positive things about him ALL THE TIME and he really doesn’t need a positivity week since tumblr already seems obsessed with him (sorry).

Sera, on the other hand, is treated so badly most of the time because of her “badly-written” character. Honestly, it’s not bad (there are mistakes, but what character doesn’t have those) and Sera has fantastic character development (imo) during her romance. Sera desperately needs a positivity week.

I have set her week for July 12 - July 19

(I checked with @Positivityweek and that one isn’t taken.)

The tag for her positivity week with be #Sera positive, but you can also just use #Sera. Please don’t post hate on her character tag. Use #Sera hate or something like that. 

Also, don’t post anything with Hetero Sera. She’s gay. Don’t erase the only lesbian character in the game.

Have fun! I’ll write something on June 28th for when it starts!



There was only one night game a year. On the 4th of July, the whole sky would brighten up with fireworks, giving us just enough light for a game. We played our best then because, I guess, we all felt like the big leaguers under the lights of some great stadium. Benny felt like that all the time. We all knew he was gonna go on to bigger and better games, because every time we stopped to watch the sky on those nights like regular kids, he was there to call us back. You see, for us, baseball was a game. But for Benjamin Franklin Rodriguez, baseball was life.