It is the object to the left of the big tree that’s generating much recent excitement. If you look closely, there you can see Comet PanSTARRS, complete with two tails. During July, this comet increased markedly in brightness and had just passed its closest approach to Earth. The statuesque tree in the center is a Norfolk Island Pine, and to either side of this tree are New Zealand Pohutukaw trees. Over the trees, far in the distance, are bright Venus and an even brighter crescent Moon. If you look even more closely, you can find Jupiter hidden in the branches of the pine. The featured image was taken in Fergusson Park, New Zealand, looking over Tauranga Harbour Inlet.

Image Credit & Copyright: Amit Kamble (Auckland Astronomical Society); Rollover Annotation: Judy Schmidt

July 2015: Hottest month since temperature records began

In early August, we reported on the release of July temperature statistics from NASA’s Goddard Institute, one of several organizations that releases a monthly temperature summary ( Since then, other groups have released their numbers, including NOAA, and their numbers include a very stark statement.

July 2015 was the warmest month since instrumental records began.

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Today marks one month of Taylor’s 2 nights at Gillette Stadium. I was lucky enough to be able to go to both nights with my friends and family! I’ve been anticipating these concerts since December and I can’t believe it’s already been a month since. After many hours my friend I made shirts and posters for night 1 we had a blast! We went to the Taylor Nation booth first and everyone working there was so nice, I loved talking to them! Seeing Taylor walk out on stage for welcome to New York was such an electrifying and memorable moment that I’ll never forget. Walk the moon was the guest and they’re one of my favorite bands so it was clearly meant to be! I danced and sang my heart out through the entire show and it was one of the best moments of my life. For the surprise song she sang you belong with me which is one of my favorite songs to hear live so I was so excited she chose that song to sing. To add to this amazing night during I know places and how you get the girl, I was lucky enough to meet mama swift! When I walked up to her she was one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. She just gave girls loft and was upgrading peoples seats so I felt so touched she stopped what she was doing to talk to me and have a conversation. Andrea is such a comforting person and she was nice enough to take a picture with my friend and I. Night 2 I got to go with my little sister who is a big fan and it was her first ever concert so it was so special to share that night with her. MKTO came out and sang with Taylor and I went crazy! Classic was such a fun song to hear live. Fifteen was the surprise song, which is a really special song for me because I’m 15 and I just started high school so it’s kind of like my song that describes what I’ve gone through since I turned 15. It was so surreal to see Taylor so happy and see these awesome special guests. The whole setup for the show was unbelievable! In addition to an awesome weekend, because of you, Taylor, I’ve made so many friends from the Gillette shows and we have a group chat and talk everyday. I love them so much and I’m so glad I met them. Thank you so much Taylor for an amazing 2 concerts that I’ll never forget. I love you so much and I hope I’ll see you again soon :)

Love, Lindsay ❤️