Juliette Goglia

There is perhaps no one so universally loved as Michael J. Fox. Such is the esteem the general public holds for him that The Michael J. Fox Show, in which Fox plays Mike Henry, a beloved news anchor returning to work after a Parkinson’s-enforced lay off, was snapped up for 22 episodes by NBC before the pilot was even recorded. (via The Michael J. Fox Show (NBC, Thursdays 9/8 Central) Review | Under the Radar - Indie Music Magazine)

30 Days of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (in one day).

4. Favorite guest star: Juliette Goglia as Hannah West.

I think I know why you’re so angry, Sara. I did some research. I read about what that serial killer did to you out in the desert, under that car.

Hannah West will always be one of my favorite killers, tied with Natalie Davis. I loved the way Hannah got under Sara’s skin so easily and as much as I died when Sara left (the first time), I was really glad the writers found such a powerful way for her to go, using such a powerful little girl.