Juliette Danielle


There you go guys. Sorry it took so long. Didn’t have the chance to break up the other ones either. Happy Valentine’s Day. I hope it’s full of sexy red dresses.


(Aw. Tumblr’s cutting off Claudette. Nobody ever listens to her.)

In other news, I finished reading The Disaster Artist tonight, and I’d like to say something about The Room; Specifically, the actress who played Lisa, Juliette Danielle.

If everything Greg Sestero has said is true, than this lady deserves a hell of a lot more credit for the shit she had to put up with on set. From Greg’s account, she was a perfectly sweet young woman who got along with a lot of people on set, yet was treated like crap by Mr. Wiseau. There’s one incident where he insulted her by loudly shouting to the crew that she had back pimples, and demanding that makeup fix them. Bear in mind, she was already struggling to meet the film’s standards of irresistible beauty despite some unfortunate lighting, cinematography, and costume choices. And then there’s the sex scenes, where Tommy bucked the usual filmmaking protocol by not closing the set during them, but inviting more people to see his naked body riding her. Greg also points out Tommy was clearly enjoying the “physical contact” too much, to the point where every guy on set had to fight back the urge to pull him away from Juliette for her own good. I don’t know the specifics of what Greg means by that, but Jesus.

Give Ms. Danielle a goddamn medal for putting up with that crap.