okay but what if insead of romeo and juliet, it was rosaline and juliet

so basically the story is the same, romeo and juliet meet and romeo is passionately in love with her, but juliet’s really not feeling it so she tries to get rid of him with help from lady capulet like hey, this fuckboy is bothering me, please make him and his friends leave, so she sees that he’s a montague and freaks and kicks them out and romeo is like i’ll come find you and blah, and juliet’s like yeah okay whatever please dont come back

and so they leave but the party is still going on, so juliet hesitantly rejoins and she’s wandering around avoiding paris, and she manages to get to a hallway where she can just rest for a minute and rosaline is there, a little further down and is like ‘hey, you tryign to get away too’

and so they start talking, and rosalines parents are also trying to arrange her marriage, they were really angry when she turned romeo down and now they’re kind of going after tybalt, bc who cares what house he’s from as long as you’re married

juliet is like why are you turning down all of these amazing guys that seems silly, and roasline is like ive always had other preferences and juliet is just, what, what does this mean, so rosaline kisses her and juliet suddenly understands why she’s so afraid of marriage (aside from her age)

so instead juliet falls madly in love with rosaline and they end up talking for hours until thew party is over, and when romeo comes juliet keeps trying to wave him off with the morning because she needs to see rosaline, and they make fun of romeo when he’s gone 

so romeo proposes and juliet is like haha, yeah right this is hilarious, and jokingly says yes bc obviously he cant be serious, but then he is serious, and she keeps trying to take it back but he’s like shush you’re just having last minute doubt don’t worry about it, so they get married

so the nurse comes and is like juliet romeo killed tybalt and everything is terrible, and juliets just yes, everything is terrible, even more so now, and rosaline comes and juliet tells her whats going on so she climbs up to comfort juliet, but then romeo gets there

so rosaline hides in juliet’s room while she’s talking with romeo about running away, and when romeo leaves shes like yes this is perfect you go to run away with him, ill follow you and we can ditch him when we get out of verona

so it gets real af and romeo is like, dead, and juliet is just shit what do i do, but then she figures she can fake her own death and pretend to drink the poison he did, that way everyone will think they comited dual suicide and she can leave verona with rosaline

romeo wakes up and is like god juliet is dead, i guess i really will kill myself and the end is pretty much the same from there except that juliet and rosaline run away to spain probably

basically i need more shakesqueer in my life