I watched The Strain season 2 episode 11 “Dead End” last night and it had some interesting flashbacks of Eichorst when he was younger.

So before he became a Nazi he was just a sweet adorable door to door radio salesman who wasn’t very good at his job and was in love with the secretary.

That was until they went out together and a Nazi spoke and he was told he could join as an example in the crowd and took it literally and also because he obviously thought they were going to make a better Germany from what the guy said. Not realising his lady friend was actually Jewish and disrespecting them in front of her after and then saying they won’t kill the German Jews.

But of course she turned up again and said she knew him before they killed her and he said she worked in the same office for a bit before stealing and they killed her.

Presumably he didn’t expect to see her hung out on the street like a piece of meat on a butchers window though because he became a little emotional but couldn’t show it so flicked his cigarette at her. That wasn’t very nice but I suppose if he had shown emotion to her being a Jewish person then he may have been killed too he thought so did that to pretend like she meant nothing to him when clearly he loved the nice girl.

I think he should have stayed a nice door to door radio salesman or as his lady love said try something else because everyone has something they are good at. She didn’t quite mean become a Nazi just to get some respect because you didn’t have any before but he did seem to enjoy that aspect.

If he hadn’t been mean about the Jewish people in front of her and hadn’t joined up it seems he might have had a nice life with Helga. I think he deserved that before. I bet he regrets his choice still a little when he thinks back about her.

Wow in real life she’s 24 years younger than him D: I thought she was probably way younger. 

I kinda thought in the flashbacks he looked like Frank Sinatra (who he totally looks like on his IMDb profile picture, on that he looks like he could be his illegitimate son) crossed with Dolph Lundgren.

Plus I’m not surprised Dutch didn’t want that tongue going anywhere near her lol. Maybe it was normal but that, what’s he gonna do? seems disgusting lol.

Richard Sammel <3

The Last Witch Hunter’s Julie Engelbrecht has landed a key role in Claudio Faeh’s indie World War II thriller The Fourth Reich, Deadline reports.

The movie revolves around British Special Ops and American OSS soldiers who are launched into Nazi territory to extract an important member of a resistance group within Germany: when their plane is shot down, and they’re rescued by Soviets who are on their own mission to prevent the rise of a Fourth Reich, the two factions reluctantly join forces to achieve their goals.

The actress will play a character named Elke Schroeder, who has been working undercover as consummate secretary to Karl Krauss (played by Michael Epp), gaining intel on Nazi progress and plans and enduring his advances. When she teams with the Americans and Soviets, Elke proves to be as capable a fighter as any of the career soldiers.


Movie Review: The Last Witch Hunter - Far Too Much For What Should Have Been a Simple Film

This is a safe role for Vin Diesel. It doesn’t require him in any way to step of his Stalone-esque comfort zone. He stomps around, kicking butt and looking broody. It’s a good role for him. Wood is equally wide eyed and eager. There’s nothing wrong with their performances, but they hardly qualify as hard roles to fill, being written a bit one dimensionally. Read the Full Review - ->http://www.moviesmacktalk.com/news/movie-review-the-last-witch-hunter-far-too-much-for-what-should-have-been-a-simple-film/


The Last Witch Hunter Teaser Trailer Flies In
Vin Diesel is bewitched and beweaponed

After Vin Diesel took on his usual early job of playing social media marketing manager with imagery from the film, the first trailer for The Last Witch Hunter has now arrived online. Flaming swords at the ready!

The movie, directed by Breck Eisner, finds Diesel as an immortal warrior who finds himself in present-day New York having to face down a powerful witch queen intent on unleashing a terrible plague that could wipe out the human race.

His chief ally in the fight, however, is a female witch (Game Of Thrones’ Rose Leslie), who teams up with him to help take down the rising evil. Julie Engelbrecht is the main villain, with Elijah Wood, Michael Caine and Ólafur Darri Ólafsson already all aboard.

Caine here appears to be playing a role in getting the exposition out there, playing one of the senior members of the church aware of Diesel’s background. Wood, meanwhile is a young priest who will be drawn into the building conflict. Expect the witchy madness to kick off here on October 29 .

James White.