Dear Tumblr,

I need your help.
When I was little, my parents took in a teenage orphan whose adoptive parents couldn’t raise. She only lived with us for a few years but she was basically like a sister to me. I am getting married in just 3 months and it would honestly mean so much to me if she attended. Unfortunately, my family lost all contact with her when she left.
Her name when I knew her was Julianna Wolfe. We lived in Bakersfield, California, but she was from Romania and I have a feeling she might have returned there. If everyone could share this post it would mean so much to me.
I really just want to find her and reconnect.
Thank you so much!

Brendan Ekstrom . 07.01.2015 . Instagram
“I normally don’t do this type of thing. But meet my daughter 

Trillian Elizabeth Cloudkicker Ekstrom

She was born at 7:28 on 7/28 to a strong and happy mother and to a father who was truly proud of himself for once in his life for how naturally the responsibility and tasks of being a labor partner and a father had come to him. It took Trillian about two days to put her daddy in the ER with walking pneumonia and what can only be described as one of the most extreme cocktails of exhaustion and emotion that the world has to offer. The pneumonia was already there I just didn’t realize it until not sleeping for almost three days. I wouldn’t change a second of it. I was able to experience the pride and then also the anguished feeling that I was letting my kid down by not being there, and worse that I might pass my fever to her, all within the first three days. Important feelings. In a matter of minutes I’ve been poured out all over the floor in singing puddles of love and mud and then built myself up anew with stronger metal so she can live here on my chest. At least until those little lungs are large enough to breathe the world in unison with mine.”