Interview with Julian Oliver (DEAF2012)

recommended digital artists

got recommended a lot so im gonna make a masterpost of them

carla gannis - http://carlagannis.com/

emojis….colours…pop culture mimicking old masters

daniel rourke - http://machinemachine.net/

3d models, 3d printing

*casey reas - http://reas.com/


*julian oliver - https://julianoliver.com/output/

physical computing, machinery

thomson & craighead - http://thomson-craighead.net/


graham harwood - http://www.gold.ac.uk/cultural-studies/staff/g-harwood/

(lecturer at gs) digital collage…old masters of painting

*jeremy bailey - http://jeremybailey.net/

colours, shapes, eyetoy, augmented reality

joseph delappe - http://www.delappe.net/

protest, political, sculpture, computing

also made note of the fact that there is a huge divide between men and women in the world of new media artists. women = better, men = more successful. ANGRY FACE!!!!