Julian Totino Tedesco

Hawkeye #12

Hawkeye’s latest showdown with Madame Masque has left her fed up with clones — and all of the shenanigans surrounding them. So when Laura Kinney, the All-New Wolverine, shows up in L.A. on the hunt for a mad scientist bent on creating an army of Wolverine clones, Kate volunteers the services of Hawkeye Investigations.


1) Jem by Elena Casagrande aka Lara West on Tumblr

2) by Mel Milton

3) by Giuseppe Cristiano on Tumblr

4) by jokoss on Tumblr (NSFW)

5) Elektra by Julian Totino Tedesco

6) Ramona Flowers by Jim Cheung on Tumblr

7) Rossella Rasulo by Roberto Recchioni aka rrobe on Tumblr (NSFW)

8) by Señor Salme on Tumblr

9) Black Widow by Phil Noto on Tumblr

10) Mater Morbi by Gigi Cavenago