Julian Rhind-Tutt

I’m watching The Trench because I’m a masochist I have many feelings about WWI, and it turns out to have many people with good cheekbones and good acting chops in it (before they were famous.) Among our privates here you may recognize:

James D’Arcy: he is a defiantly grandiloquent private, who doesn’t see the point of it all, and says so.

Cillian Murphy: he watches everything and everyone with keen attention and private amusement.

Ben Whishaw: he is a very tiny private who volunteers to make people tea.

Also featured is Tony-from-Foyle’s-War (there’s always someone from Foyle’s War.)

The NCOs, meanwhile, are none other than…

Daniel Craig, as a teetotaling, rough-spoken sergeant, capable of both brutality and great kindness.

Julian Rhind-Tutt, as a whisky-drinking, Tennyson-reading lieutenant. He takes his duties very seriously, and is convinced that They’re All Going To Die. Since this is set on the eve of the Somme, he’s probably right.


otp: Green Wing - Mac & Caroline

>> Oh right. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hi Mac, I’m er, I’m Caroline. You know, the one you found a bit irritating at first, but then er…well, the thing is you really, really liked me and now we’re kind of a couple. So, there you go, I’ve filled in all the gaps, let’s go to bed.