Benedict Cumberbatch over the years [x]
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WikiLeaks Put Women in Turkey in Danger, for No Reason
Just days after a bloody coup attempt shook Turkey, WikiLeaks dumped some 300,000 emails they chose to call "Erdogan emails." In response, Turkey's inter...

This is a PSA that not only did Wikileaks release the social security and credit card numbers of Democratic donors in an email, but they doxxed about a million Turkish women - releasing their names, addresses, cell phone numbers, and party affiliation.  In a country where the opposition has been cracked down on, this is putting them in harms way to be harassed, arrested or even killed.

And this is on top of Julian Assange being antisemitic.

German newspaper FAZ swooning about Benedict’s beauty:

You’ll never get tired looking at Benedict Cumberbatch. With his soft, sensual appearance, the curly hair, and the strikingly curved lips, he radiates charisma. Not because he owns the clear-cut beauty of George Clooney, but because he’s simply unforgettable. He resembles noone, and noone rsembles him. He is one of a kind, in the true sense of the word. And when he starts to act, then your faith in him becomes certainty: He’s tall but tiny, he stumbles yet he’s so graceful, he smiles seductively yet he is stone cold.

An Benedict Cumberbatch kann man sich nicht sattsehen. Mit seiner weichen, sinnlichen Erscheinung, den gewellten Haaren und auffällig geschwungenen Lippen hat er schon von Natur aus Präsenz. Nicht weil er die markante Schönheit eines George Clooney mitbrächte, sondern weil man ihn einfach nie wieder vergisst. Er ähnelt niemandem, niemand ähnelt ihm. Er ist einzigartig im Sinne dieses Wortes. Und wenn er zu spielen beginnt, dann wird der Glaube an ihn Gewissheit: Er ist groß und doch ganz klein, er stolpert und bewegt sich doch grazil, er lächelt verführerisch und ist dabei beinhart.

The European Union plans to use military force to curb the influx of migrants from Libya. According to leaked details, the E.U. will destroy boats used for transporting migrants and refugees on Libyan territory, thereby preventing them from reaching Europe. “They are intending to at least risk killing people in blowing up these boats,” says Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks. Watch our exclusive interview with Assange on Democracy Now! today.