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About Selena's ghost writer/singer : yes, officialy she (Julia Michaels) is just her ghost writer. But, when a ghost writer makes a song, he makes a demo with it. This demo is just for the singer, but if you hear closely Selena's songs, you can recognize Julia's voice. They kept Julia's voice in her album, for high notes, and chorals, in a lot of her songs. Yes, Selena doesn't even write or sing her own songs, in her own album.

The ghost writing situation isn’t shocking to me but her singing for her? Oh damn. I can see that being true but I wanna ask my source

Me, writing papers

Me, weeks before the due date: pff, I don’t have to be an organized student when I have the magical ability to start writing a decent paper two days before I have to submit it

Me, the day before the due date: why did I do this to myself? why am I like this? will past and future Julia never learn what present Julia has to go through?!

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omg julia; I was looking at the ig's of people tagged in the photo that went up obsmagazine, and I really loved the jobs that make the stylist and the photographer who worked together with louis (@ helenseamons & @ alexbramall). they look amazing, so I have high expectations!

i did too and their work seems super intriguing! helen seamons seems to be the resident stylist for observer mag/the guardian (and antonio follows her duh) and alex bramall’s work gives me a simplistic but stylised vibe so I CAN’T WAIT for those photos!