Had a dream that I was in the front row of a very intimate Bastille concert and Dan Smith picked a handful of people out of the audience and I was the very last one he picked (“What’s your name?” - “Julia!” - “Sorry? - "JULIA” - [a lovely but confused look] - “ J-U-L-I-A. Julia.”) and the others and I were ushered to a Secret Hallway where there were all these musical clues from the band’s favorite songs (not Bastille songs, songs from other artists they liked). And we basically went on a musical scavenger hunt through what felt like one of the buildings from my college. Did we ever reach the end and find out what it was all about? Of course not bc my dreams hate giving me closure. But it was fun and also Dan Smith looked me directly in the eyes so like worth it.

If you say Julia Burnsides was fridged I will personally come into your home and…

Just ask you politely to discern the difference between

a) killing off a female character halfway through a story because you don’t know how to write her and think it’s easier to have a man-pain arc than learn to develop female stories

b) finding a safe and reasonable way to explore a personal fear of the women in your life dying by creating a female character who was dead at the beginning but making sure to fully characterize her enough even in her death that everyone loves her

please and thank you

Tenho mania de acreditar que todas as pessoas são boas. De acreditar que elas nunca irão me deixar ou me machucar. Tenho mania de confiar demais em quem não merece um pingo da minha confiança. Tenho mania de me doar demais a quem não merece nem metade do que eu sou. E com isso, tenho tendência a ser a mais machucada da história.
—  Julia.