Julia Yusupov


Julia Yusupov
New York, NY
Nikon D800

What is it like being a photographer in NYC? What role does the city play in your work?

In NYC, I always feel inspired. the  city interacts with me. I feel like I can visit the same location but the environment can always be different depending on the lighting and the mood the location is giving off at the moment.

Tell us about the message behind your work.

I don’t want to limit my audience to my interpretation, I would like to leave the viewer to formulate their own interpretation of my work.

Do you have any favourite urban photographers and artists that you look up to?

There are so many photographers that I look up to and I mostly get my inspiration from other fellow NYC photographers! My two favorite NYC photographers are J.N. Silva and Denn-Ice!

Tumblr: @juliayusupov
Instagram: @jerastov
Society6: @juliayuupov



Explorer and photographer. Original photography by Julia Yusupov. IG: Jerastov

Julia Yusupov is an amazing photographer from New York City. On her blog, you can see really good pictures from this wonderful city and its surroudings, all of them taken by this talented photographer. Check out her online shop if you’re interested in prints, T-shirts, an even iPhone cases, and if you’re on instagram, check it out too!