Strong Female Characters

A lot of people have many different views of what a strong female character is. Some say that they just recently came in existence, that they’ve been around for a long time or that they don’t even exist yet. Some (not all) also say that characters who are wives, mothers or very feminine do not even fall into the category of a strong woman. They think a strong woman is someone who can kick butt, doesn’t wear dresses and kicks men to the curb. But, strong female characters are also women like these. These are all the strong female characters who have inspired me personally.

4. Holly Golightly (Breakfast at Tiffany’s)

Audrey Hepburn was an amazing woman who every girl should look up to. She was an animal-lover, a Unicef ambassador and an Academy Award-Winning actress. The character of Holly Golightly was one of the first of its kind. She was quirky, social, unmarried and scared of many things. She was also extremely stylish and feminine. She showed women that it was okay to be promiscuous, but that finding true love has its own reward. She was adventurous and left her whole life behind to escape to New York because she wanted to. The entire movie was about Holly finding herself, while trying to save money to provide for her beloved brother, Fred. She taught me not only how to wear a little black dress and style my hair, but she taught me about love and that it is okay to be scared and run away.

3. Kay Adams-Corleone (The Godfather trilogy)

Diane Keaton is also very amazing and has done work for children’s rights, has never been married and has also won a Best Actress Oscar. The character of Kay Adams shows women that you can be a housewife, have two kids and be insanely strong and inspiring at the same time. Kay was one of the only female characters in the Godfather trilogy and contrasts significantly to the other female she shares the spotlight with, Connie Corleone. She was quiet, polite and did not marry Michael for his money. She was extremely stylish as well with her 1950′s-themed dresses and outfits. The strongest moment she had was in Part II when she confronted Michael and told him that she was leaving with her children. She could’ve decided to stay with Michael and sacrifice her happiness and her safety because divorcing at the time was practically unheard of in the mainstream world. She stood up to her very powerful husband and she even told him about her abortion. I think that she deserves a round of applause for telling the truth. She is often a character that is overlooked in the trilogy, but she showed me that it’s all right to fight for your children and yourself at the same time. I’m still shocked that Diane was never nominated for an Oscar for this role because she played it perfectly.

2. Tess Ocean (The Ocean’s films)

Julia Roberts is one of the best actresses of all time, has won a Best Actress Oscar and has supported many causes including environmental causes with Earth Biofuel. She is also one of my personal favorites. Her role as Tess Ocean was ultimately one of those characters who have inspired me the most. She was an art museum curator, which resonates with me because I personally love art and I think all women can agree that it’s great to see a woman with such a strong career like that. She also studied art (thanks, Linus, for slyly mentioning that in Twelve) and its great to know that she got a good education as well. She was also extremely strong. She left her thief husband and picked up the pieces of her life all on her own. She even found herself a new love, and ended up leaving him in the end, instead of staying with him because he provided her with a job and he was extremely rich. She also had attitude with lines like “He doesn’t make me cry”. She even stood behind her thief husband after being hurt by her new love and had the courage to admit that she was wrong about him. She protected and helped his friends, too, even when she knew that she didn’t have to. She was the most extremely stylish and fashionable art museum curator ever shown on film (girl power). I love the Ocean’s films because they’re not only filled with hilarious moments and handsome men, but they also have Tess.

1. Adrian Balboa (The Rocky anthology)

Words cannot describe how much this woman has inspired me. Talia Shire was nominated for two Academy awards, has four sons and stands with her very famous brother, Francis Ford Coppola. Adrian is the most underrated female character ever, yet she has inspired me the most by far. Adrian blossomed so much throughout the Rocky series. She went from a shy, hard-working woman to a confident, loving wife and mother. She supported her moody, alcoholic brother all his life and I know women can relate to having someone like her brother in their life. She worked at a pet shop when women didn’t commonly work at that time and she supported herself. She didn’t allow her brother to push her into a relationship and she waited for the right guy. When her Prince came, she was unconditionally supportive of his boxing career, even though she feared for his life. But, she wasn’t afraid to express her opinion on his career, especially in Rocky III when she yelled at him on the beach and finally got him to believe again. When Rocky was out of a job, she started to work again, even though she was pregnant. She did it because she had to help out and she knew that. She also raised her son with unconditional love. I relate to Adrian because I used to be very shy and now I, too, am blossoming into someone who is more social and confident. I also wish I could steal everything from her closet and steal her hairstyle from Rocky III because it is just that pretty. Talia will always deserve that Oscar for playing Adrian.

                             FEMININITY IS NOT A WEAKNESS!

I’ve never seen this [Julia and Joan dancing on stage], I don’t think this should actually be viewed. That’s so shocking. I will say this about my outfit, I had about five minutes notice that I was going on stage. So I didn’t dress for 50,000 people. I smelled nice. But she [Taylor] is so sweet. And Joan Baez are you kidding me. I will say this, when she very sweetly asked if I would go on stage, my oldest son said… because I of course went ‘ugh’ my oldest son said ‘Mommy You have to do it’ and my youngest son said ‘Mommy only do it if you feel comfortable.’ They all love Taylor Swift and she is just number one in our house and that was their first concert ever and we took a bunch of friends and had a great time.
—  Julia Roberts talking about going on stage with Taylor Swift (x)