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Jughead X Reader/OC:

Long Multi-Chapter Fics -

A Little Less Sixteen Candles: - Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 “Mona was never the fool to believe that those sappy rom-coms she loved so dearly were anything but fiction, but that couldn’t stop her heart from holding out for one tiny miracle. When Jughead Jones finally asks her to the prom, albeit as friends, she starts to believe that happy endings might exist after all. -COMPLETED

Colour Soulmate AU / Part 2 - “Erica Mars has seen the world in its many colours from the tender age of eight. Unsure with what to do with this revelation she hides it from the world, at eight she has more important things to think about then the concept of ‘True Love’. As the years pass, however, hiding the status of her (non-existent) love-life proves to take its toll on her heart and of course sitting across from her soulmate everyday does nothing to help.” (Hints of Beronica and Barchie)

Four Times You Told Jughead Jones You Loved Him, and the One Time He Said Back - Part 1: “ The first time you told him you loved him it was because he needed it.”

Prompts/Imagines/Reader/SongFics - 

Slumber - Jughead comforts you after a long and tough day.

Sunbeam - A short and sweet moment capturing what it’s like to wake up next to your best friend.

Regret - Jughead x OC (Amy): An alternative to Jughead’s birthday, one drunken mistake leads to a lifetime of regrets for somebody on that fateful night.

The Drive-In Closes Down - Pretty self-explanatory, Twilight closes down and the reader comes to comfort Jug - sad/angsty 

Blue and Gold [Part 2] [Part 3] - You are assigned with helping the only person in Riverdale who seems to hate your guts for no reason, you’re determined to get some answers - fluffy/angst 

Are We Actually Fighting? - Jughead doesn’t realise you’re seriously mad at him right now - fluff / jealous reader

He’s Just Not That Into You - Based on Gigi and Alex in the film of the same title, not really a fic or a drabble more of a quick prompt.

Dancing with Jughead - You try desperately to get Jughead to dance with you at a party -fluffy/funny

Fire - You are suffering through your first panic attack, you have no idea what is happening to you but luckily one of your bestfriends is here to help - angsty and friendly Jughead X Reader

Pop-Tarts - Your brothers annoying best friend moving into your house shouldn’t be a massive problem right? What about when you start to develop a crush on said ‘annoying best friend’ - an Andrews!Reader fic. 

Can I Kiss You? / Jealous Jughead / Trapped - A series of short fics taken from dialogue prompts and asks, written on my train journey to and from university, some suggestive themes may occur. 

When He See’s Me - A self-indulgent drabble based on the song of the same title from the musical Waitress. You agree to double date with your longtime friend Valerie and her new beau Archie Andrews, and wait - his name is Jughead?!

Trouble - An angsty piece based on the song of the same title by artists Cage the Elephant. OOC!Jughead and AU!Riverdale

BUGHEAD - Betty Cooper x Jughead Jones

Late -  ‘I was convinced at that time that I loved him, Juggie, but when he told he’d never feel the same way I managed to move on. I could live without the love of Archie Andrews.’ She sighed. ‘But you-’ - Betty laments on her understanding of love. 

A Cinderella Story AU Aesthetics When Betty Cooper was thirteen years old tragedy struck her family, her mother, father and sister were involved in a fatal collision, leaving Betty with only their family house, diner and her memories. Never one to be broken, Betty decided there and then to be their living legacy and set her sights on NYU.  // 1 // 2 // 

Reggie X OC

Perfect - Reggie watches Katie from across the classroom and wonders how he never noticed her before -very fluffy

A Reggie Headcannon/Prompt

For A Boy - A SongFic request for the song of the same title by Raelynn. You’ve always had a turbulent relationship with Reggie, playing it hard-to-get but what about when the fun starts to wear off? 

Ronnie X Reader

Accent - Written from the dialogue prompt ‘you have a sexy accent’.

Archie X Reader

It’s Okay Not To Be Fine - Written from the dialogue prompt ‘if you don’t want to talk about what happened, just say so, don’t lie and pretend you’re fine.’ (Archie X Reader - Platonic)

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Steve Harrington X Reader

Not Harrington, Steve - ‘Stop it with that bullshit, Harrington, we aren’t like that anymore!’ Steve all but shouted. You sucked in a sharp breath and held your tongue, this wasn’t going to happen, you were not going to go there. Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / - ON GOING

I Meant Something Like That -  You could feel the ends of your limbs tingle with anticipation, your heart practically beating against your rib cage desperate to escape. Steve let out a low breath and licked at his lips. ‘What are you doing?’ You questioned with a laugh as his head moved in towards yours.

Steve Harrington Aesthetics - Fall // Neon //


I wanted to write just a couple key moments in bugheads life! Enjoy guys! It’s a long one, better grab some popcorn!

“I have no idea.” F.P said defeated, throwing his hands in the air and looking helplessly at his son, who was staring at himself in the mirror with the same confused look in his eyes.

“It’s impossible. This is not humanly possible.” Jughead Mumbled as his fingers toyed with his shirt collar and he tugged restlessly.

“It’s satans work is what it is.” F.P growled pulling the offending object from his neck and chucking it at the door, unfortunately Betty chose that moment to walk in and was hit square in the face by the dark blue silk tie.

“Oh!” She said surprised, holding the garment in her hand and smiling at the boys in front of her. “Thankyou?” She asked.

“Sorry Betty Blue Eyes, you got caught up in the middle of a fight between me and that jerk.” F.p grabbed the tie from her hands and squeezed her shoulder smiling warmly at his favorite little lady.

“No problem.” She laughed “having a little trouble?” She glanced behind F.P at Jughead and he smiled shyly, putting his hands up and shrugging as his tie lay limp around his neck

“This is not a simple tie Ms.Cooper, it is the tie to end all ties” he held it out to her and she rolled her eyes
“My apologies, here let me help”

Betty’s hands expertly twisted around F.Ps neck and within seconds his tie was perfectly done and she was moving to stand by Jughead as F.P stared at her in amazement
“You are a lifesaver little one” he plopped down on the couch and stared at the two teens before him.

Betty was standing before Jughead as Jughead leaned into the blondes hands and took up her space

“How are you feeling?” She whispered as she tugged on his shirt collar, her fingers gently passing his neck. Today was F.Ps final court appearance and the judge would decide if he had jail time or just community service

“Nervous. Nervous but ready.” He said, his hands moving to gently rest on her waist. Betty had been there through all of it, she had sat beside him at every court date, held his hand as he visited his father, and she had been in the passenger seat the day they had made bail, now she was here for the end and he didn’t think he could do it without her.

“I’ve got faith.” She smiled and gently tugged his tie straight. He looked down at her and prayed that she could read his mind, that she could tell just how much her being there meant to him, just how grateful he was for her. He dropped a kiss to her lips but quickly pulled back when he saw the bright flash go off beside him.


“What?” The older man held up the Polaroid proudly “its for the grandchildren. You’ll thank me when you’re older.”

Betty shook her head and giggled, grabbing the truck keys and smiling

“Alright boys, onward and upward and into the jaws of death.”

The two Jones boys shook their heads and smiled. Betty Cooper was something else.

“It doesn’t matter mom, it wasn’t meant to last, you knew it, I knew it, he knew it. We were just fooling ourselves. If Veronica stops by tell her I’ll be over tonight. I just… I need..” as Betty’s eyes filled with tears, she shook her head quickly and ran up the stairs, slamming her door as she collapsed into sobs on her bedroom floor.

Alice placed a hand to her heart, her daughter was in pain and it physically hurt her to see the normally bubbly blonde revert back to her old ways. She hadn’t seen Betty this upset since sophomore year. Taking a deep breathe she moved to start up the stairs when a pounding on her front door stopped her in her tracks

“Ms. Cooper! Please! Ms. Cooper, you have to let me in! Please let me explain! Please!” Jughead was pleading with her from the opposite side of the door, opening it slowly she was met face to face with her daughters absolutely frazzled boyfriend. Jughead beanie was missing and the flannel he wore was buttoned completely wrong, while his suspenders hung unclipped at his side, his dark waves were a mess.

“Oh thank god” he mumbled, rushing into the household “she doesn’t understand that she’s all i want, she doesn’t know how much she means to me, I don’t care about any of those fancy names or big places, all I want is her, I shouldn’t have said some of the things I said but she’s just so stubborn ya know? I mean I…” he was cut off by the quick and heavy footsteps sprinting down the stairs

“Stubborn?! I’m stubborn?! Have you looked in the mirror recently? I’m just trying to stop you from making the biggest mistake of your life! I’m so sorry for trying to help you!” She shouted in his face, pushing past her mother and standing toe to toe. Alice Cooper stood frozen in her spot.

“Don’t you get it?! You are my life! You’re everything to me. I don’t care about any stupid acceptance letters or big name schools, I want to be wherever you are! My publicist doesn’t care where I’m located, I can write my books from anywhere!” He was begging her but she shook her head.

“I’m not leaving Riverdale Jughead, my family is here, pollys here, baby jayjay is here. They have a great elementary education program at Riverdale Community. I’m staying here. But you! There’s a whole world for you to see out there! I love you and I’ll miss you so much but I cannot be the reason you miss out on seeing the world!” Tears were falling freely down her cheeks now and he placed his palms on either side of her face

“You are my world! Everything I want is right here. I love you. I love Riverdale, if this is where you want to stay, this is where we’ll stay. My dads here, and Jellybean comes here every summer, this is my home too. My home is wherever you are! My first book is already doing so well I can afford to get us an apartment! Don’t you want to be with me?” He wiped at her tears as his own built in his eyes

“Of course I do! I love you. I just don’t… I don’t want you to hate me.. to resent me with time.” Her eyes dropped and he shook his head

“I love you. I could never hate you. I would follow you anywhere, you’re just saving me a trip.” He smiled when he heard her quietly giggle and he pressed his lips to hers
“Wherever you go I’m right beside you okay?” He asked as she nodded

Suddenly the couple was blinded by a bright light and looked up find Alice Cooper standing before them with a digital camera in her hands


“That was beautiful! I’m an old woman let me live vicariously through your love” she snapped a few more as Betty and Jughead rolled their eyes before both posing goofily for the camera.

She laughed as F.P swung her around the dance floor, sending her poofy white dress flying as he lifted her off her feet before placing her back on the ground and holding her by the waist.

“So how does it feel to officially be a jones?” He asked as they slow danced to the familiar father daughter track.

“Long overdue I’d say” she giggled as he puffed his chest out proudly. “Thank you for walking me down the aisle, I invited my dad to the reception but…” she trailed off looking around sadly.

F.p shook his head, Hal Cooper was an absolute idiot, that he was certain of.
“No Betty, Thankyou. You saved my life. You saved my sons life and I can’t repay you for that, you stuck by him through it all, and I know what a tough son of a bitch he can be.” Betty giggled

“Hey that’s my husband you’re talking about!” She smiled brightly.

“You’re decision not mine” the older man teased, spinning Betty around “anyway. I couldn’t ask for a better daughter in law, so thank you for saving both of us.” Betty wiped at her tears as F.P let his freely fall

“Are you making my wife cry on our wedding day?” The familiar timber of Jugheads voice caused them both to smile. F.p gently shoved Betty into his sons arms and took Alice by the hand

“We’re bonding.” He shrugged before moving to the center of the dance floor, Alice laughing the whole way.

“What was that all about Mrs.Jones?” Jughead asked slightly concerned at her tears.

Looking up at her husband, Betty smiled happily
“Nothing at all Mr. Jones.” He beamed as he dropped a kiss to her lips

“This way you two!”

Veronica called from beside them, she held her camera up and motioned for them to smile as she snapped the picture. Veronica took photos fro fashion magazines all over the world and as Betty’s bridesmaid she demanded she also be the Wedding photographer. Looking up at Jughead as he stared lovingly down at her, she ignored the bright flash of the camera and stared deep into her brand new husbands eyes.

“Oh no.” She stood in front of the mirror.

Jughead came running out of the bathroom
“Oh no what?!” He asked frantically, reaching for the bag by the bed.

“I look like a whale.” Betty said blandly, still staring at her reflection in the mirror “might as well call sea world, who needs a book launch, I’ll just start a new career as the first pregnant whale to speak English.” She pouted as she tugged on the skin tight black dress, pulling her nude heel over her foot.

Jughead bit his lip to keep from laughing, tonight was the launch of their very first book as co authors, it had gone over so well that they were already number five on the New York Times Best Seller List. Apparently the concept of a couple writing a book together did very well for sales and they were already sky rocketing, Us Weekly had actually written a two page spread on the “Small Town Star Crossed lovers.” Unfortunately Betty was six months Pregnant and all belly, she seemed to gain no weight anywhere else and as a first grade teacher she was used to flowy sundresses and flats. The stylist had picked out a tight dress and high heels, she looked absolutely amazing to Jughead but apparently the mirror said something else.

“You look beautiful. Too beautiful to even argue” he wrapped his hands around her waist and rubbed her baby belly.

“Really?” She wasn’t one to be vain but hey, pregnancy really does things to your self confidence.

“ absolutely.” He pressed a kiss to the shell of her ear and felt her shudder. Oh yes.

“Alright who’s ready for pictures!” Kevin came into the room and waved his tablet around. Oh did I mention? Kevin was the Jones family manager.

Jughead rolled his eyes and smiled goofily at Kevin as Betty stuck her tongue out

Kevin snapped the picture and in a dull, unamused voice exclaimed


Jughead smiled down at his wife and bent down to press a kiss to her tummy for good luck

“Ready mama?”

“You got it daddy.” She giggled.


“Ma! Come here!”

Betty came barreling down the stairs, her ten month old daughter , Lila, snuggled against her chest

“What’s the matter Cody?!” She looked him up and down for any damage

“Chill mom, I just wanted to know what this was.” The nine year old boy held up the dark blue album and handed it to her, gently taking Lila in his arms and pressing a kiss to her forehead. Betty smiled at the scene in front of her as she ruffled her sons dark waves.

“This is Mine and your dads, it’s our memories.” She opened the album and began flipping through the pages, pointing out pictures and telling the story that went along with each one, Cody was in hysterics and Lila had fallen back asleep.

“Dad really wore that beanie everyday?” He asked, wiping his eyes from laughter

“Yeah well you wear your burger boxers everyday to school.”

Both Betty and Cody turned around at the familiar voice, Jughead stood against the door frame, arms crossed and grinning.

“It’s different! Not everyone can see them! How did you even land mom! She was like… well.. no offense mom but you were a babe and dad… not so much!”

Jughead snorted
“Oh no offense mom? What about no offense dad?” He walked forward and started tickling his son who began laughing like crazy and grabbing at his dads hands, Lila woke up and stirred reaching her arms out for her older brother

“I’ll go feed her! Then I’m going to go play basketball with Jason Andrews, next door.” Cody gently grabbed his baby sister and led her to the kitchen.

Jughead plopped down beside his wife and draped an arm over her shoulders, staring down at the album

“How did I land you?” He asked, gently nuzzling her neck as she stretched.

“Right back at you Romeo.” She dropped her lips to his.

Costar || C.S.

Originally posted by immortalle

Word Count: 1936

Pairing: Cole Sprouse x reader

Summary: You have real feelings for your costar, but you’re afraid that people might call you unprofessional. You decide to ask Cole himself what he thinks about the situation, and his answer is not what you were expecting.

Warnings: smut, not hardcore but still smut, a little cussing, cute Cole, being in love with Cole

Requested by anon:

“I know you already had a request for Cole smut but I’m so thirsty for it, help your girl out??”

“lordchild I know I know Cole is “bad” but THAT SCENE was so god damn hot, I know you’re writing Ross smut next but you’re so good at smut, please write Cole/jughead smut? Please boo?”

Part 1 (Ross Butler) // Part 2 (Kj Apa)


His smile is what drove you to do what you do every day. His soft laugh would fill up a room with so much joy, you couldn’t stop from smiling yourself. His eyes would twinkle in the light when he would think of a terrible joke that would be so bad that everyone couldn’t help but laugh.

But nevertheless, he could never truly be yours. He was your costar, Cole Sprouse. It would be incredibly unprofessional to admit to anyone your feelings. Even if you did, they would say it wasn’t real that it was just your mind’s habit.

You and Cole work together in very intimate ways this season on Riverdale. The previous season’s ship, Bughead, had sunk due to several reasons and your character and Jughead had begun to have a very casual relationship.

It was hard for you going from kissing him to pretending you were just friends. But, maybe they were right. Maybe, it was just your mind connecting kissing to real feelings. Or they could be completely wrong, this wasn’t your first rodeo after all and you never felt this way with any of the other actors you had to be in an on-screen relationship with.

You never had butterflies in your stomach when they looked you directly in the eyes, or when they pulled you close while taking pictures at a convention. They never made fireworks explode under your skin when they dragged their fingers along your arm. You couldn’t hold your feelings for much longer. You were itching to tell someone, and who better to tell than the person who makes you feel this way.

Sitting in your trailer, you decided it was time to ask him yourself and get his opinion on the matter. You grabbed your jacket and walked across the lot to find his trailer, texting him to tell him you were on your way over. Lili was the only other cast member on set today and she was filming currently, so there wouldn’t be any distractions.

As you opened the trailer door, you took a deep breath and steadied your racing heartbeat. Cole was sitting on the small couch in the corner of the room, scrolling through his phone. He looked up with a large smile that reached his eyes, and it just solidified your feelings.

You took a seat beside him and started to make small talk, you weren’t just going to jump into this. You had to build up to it to make sure not to make it awkward.

“Cole, you know my friend, Blair, right?” You fidgeted around nervously, wanting this to go over smoothly.

“The one with brown hair, right?” He questioned with his eyebrows scrunching up.

You nodded in response before continuing, “She came to me last night in distress. She’s currently working on the second season of her show,” you paused to look over at him. He had a focused look on his face like he usually did when you told a story. “Well, like I said she came over to my house last night so confused. She rambled on forever before she finally told me what was bothering her.”

You were about to continue before Cole interrupted, “With Blair? I’ve met her like twice, but from those encounters, I could probably guess it was about one of her shoes braking.” He chuckled and you joined him because it sounded just like her.

“Close guess,” You laughed and he smiled back, “But not quite. It was actually some boy trouble. Yeah, she has completely fallen in love, or so she thinks, with her costar.”

Cole nodded in response, “Well, has she told him about said feelings?”

“No, she is afraid that he won’t take her seriously since they have an on-screen relationship.” You paused to get his input.

“Why would she think this? How does she think he will handle the situation?” Cole leaned back against the couch.

“Well, since they have romance on-screen, she is afraid that he will say that it’s just her mind trying to comprehend kissing someone that she didn’t have feelings for before they started to do intimate things.”

“Well, if I remember correctly, this isn’t her first on-screen romance, is it?” Cole questioned while holding eye contact.

“No, you’re right. I brought up the same point to her, but she insists that this time is different, that the way he makes her feel is really real.” You turned completely around and leaned your back against the side of the small couch.

“Really? What did she say about him?” He inquired.

“She said that the way he makes her feel when he places his hands on her body is like nothing she had ever felt before. That even when he says her name, that sparks fly in a way no one has ever been able to make her feel before.” You confessed. You felt as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Telling Cole how you really feel about him, even if you’re using Blair as a coverup, makes you feel like you can finally move on.

“I think that she should tell him, just confess it all. Put herself out there. So what if people might think it’s unprofessional? Being in a real relationship with your coworker is frowned upon by the majority of people, but fuck them. Look at Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth or Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, no one is saying shit now that they are happily married and in love.”

That was not the answer you were looking for. You were hoping that he would say that it was just mind games, that she should wait it out. You were second guessing everything you thought you wanted to do. Should you listen to his advice for Blair? After all, that might not be what he wants for himself, what if it’s just what he would want to see. Your thoughts were interrupted when Cole started to talk again.

“And when did you say she came over?” He had a mischievous look in his eyes, but you wrote it off as him enjoying the drama.

“Last night, after I left set, she came over almost immediately. I was so drained from a long day at set that I couldn’t give her a proper answer, so that’s why I’m asking you.”

“Really? Because last night Lili said you spent the night at her house because you were too tired to drive?” Cole looked like he was enjoying this, but you were sure that you had a look of horror on your face.

“Did I say last night?” You chuckled, “I meant sometime last week.” You tried to play it cool but Cole wasn’t buying it at all.

Cole scooted closer to you and brought his hand to your cheek and you leaned into it without thinking about it, “C’mon, admit it. Admit that I give you that rush.”

You were still unsure of how you wanted to handle the situation, so you denied it, “I just got the time mixed up.”

“Then tell me to stop,” Cole said as he leaned slowly into you, “If you weren’t using Blair as a cover-up and you feel nothing right now, tell me to stop and I will.”

You were completely frozen, you couldn’t believe this was happening. Coming to set today, you were expecting the opposite of this. You didn’t know what you should do, but you knew you did not want to move from this spot.

Cole’s lips connected to yours and it was more than you could ever dream of. His lips felt soft against yours, and the kiss was tender and kind. Cole pulled away after a minute, but you left your eyes closed.

“Please, Cole,” You mumbled, not really knowing what you were saying.

Cole placed his lips back on yours, answering your plea. This kiss was different than the first, it had more urgency behind it, but it was just as sweet.

Cole placed his hand in the crook of your neck and pulled you close to him. You placed your legs on either side of his waist without breaking your lips from his. You wrapped your fingers in his dyed hair and tugged slightly.

As things started to heat up, you pulled his shirt over his head. You peppered kisses down his neck and on his chest. He leaned his head back against the couch and let out a sigh, trying to catch his breath.

You started to tug on his belt, but Cole placed his hands on top of yours and looked into your eyes, “Are you sure you want to? I don’t want you to do anything you’re not comfortable with.”

You felt so giddy, looking into his eyes, that question just confirmed your feelings for him. “Yes. Take me, I’m yours.”

Cole smiled back at you while taking your top off. He pulled you down so he could kiss your neck while one hand massaged your boob through your bra, making you moan his name.

You brought your lips back to his while you unbuckled his belt and tugged on his pants. He lifted his lower half to pull his pants down to his ankles and he took his boxers with it.

“You’re wearing too much clothing for my liking.” Cole joked which made you chuckle as you stood up to take your shorts off.

“You’re beautiful, Princess, come here.” He said in a deep voice. You did as you were told and took your seat on his lap. You connected your lips again and you felt your heart melt when his tongue entered your mouth.

Without taking his lips off yours, he signaled for you to rise so he could line up with your core. You slowly lowered on to him, and let out a deep moan. Cole closed his eyes and opened his mouth like he was going to grunt, but no noise came out.

You adjusted to his size before you started to move slowly up and down. Cole helped guide you with his hands on your hips. You continued the slow pace as Cole whispered sweet nothings into your ear.

“Fuck, gorgeous, you look so good from this angle.” You grunted in response before a knot started to build in the pit of your stomach, and you started to move faster.

Cole grunted under you at the change of pace and started to meet your bounces with his thrusts, and soon you were clouded with pleasure. You swore you were seeing stars as you started to go a little bit faster.

“Cole, fuck, please,” You mumbled barely able to form a coherent sentence.

“Are you close, princess?” Cole grunted between two moans, signaling he was feeling as much pleasure as you were.

“Yes, fuck.” You leaned your head back and closed your eyes before you felt Cole’s hand bringing your face close to his.

“Come for me.” With those words, he sent you over the edge and your toes curled as he continued to thrust up into your convulsing body.

Your orgasm sent Cole into his bliss. He was mumbling word fragments as a sense of euphoria took over. You bounced slightly to let him ride out his pleasure.

You both were sweaty, panting messes and you climbed off him and felt an emptiness as you took a seat next to him.



“Blair wasn’t having boy trouble, it was me.”

He let out a laugh that made you chuckle as well, “I’m not going to say I told you so, but I knew it.”

a/n: I’m back and I finally finished this miniseries! Sorry for not uploading for a while, its summer break and all I want to do is nothing lol. Tell me what you think about this or any of my other writings in my inbox! Also, requests are open, but by popular demand, part two for “Bet” will be next!

anonymous asked:

Can i request for a bad boy serpent jughead jones and the sweet girl next door betty cooper fiction and maybe with a steamy make out session scene? Thank you!

So the story is slightly AU. Jughead never attended school in Riverdale, never was friends with Betty and Archie, as a matter of fact they didn’t even know each other. No murder ever happened, Betty was never pinning over Archie. I also made some other small changes that you’ll notice upon reading. Plus, I made Reggie a Serpent too, for no reason really, I just wanted him to be Jughead’s childhood best friend in this universe. :p Last but not least, Betty turned out to be extremely feisty while I was writing this; she is still a sweetheart in pastel colors but her character is a tad more Betty Cooper in episodes 12 &13. I hope that’s ok! Thank you for requesting, dear anon! Enjoy, lovelies! ❤️
(Okay, this is 34 pages long. I don’t even know why, I don’t even know what I have written in so many pages. I apologize in advance for that mammoth length. Warning: turns mildly smutty but definately hot and heavy at the end.)

P.S. Because this is too long, I have put it under a “read more” so if you are on mobile the story gets cut halfway through. Here’s an AO3 link if the tumblr app doesn’t work for you. :)

Fruit Punch Lips & Leather Jacket Dreams

  • Part 1/3: But Mama, I Want a Bad Boy

Southside Elementary School was a rare example of fine architecture in the small town of Riverdale. Rebuilt at the outskirts of town, after a disastrous fire caused by a minor during a prank gone wrong a couple of years ago, and squeezed between Southside Kindergarten and Southside High, it looked nothing like the two crumbling, cement colored buildings on its sides that lacked any learning motivation. It was modern, pure white with splashes of green and purple and it brought a fresh air of change, a promise that maybe the next generation of Southside kids would not have the ominous fate of their ancestors.

The Serpents had outdone themselves with the construction of the of the building, hiring Fred Andrews and his crew – one of the few people that wasn’t driven by discrimination and always agreed in doing business at the south side of town – and wasting a large amount of money from their infamous Serpent vault to create a place appropriate for shaping young minds. Maybe that’s why sweet and always optimistic Betty Cooper smiled every day at three o’clock sharp when her sneakers would hop up the marble stairs of the buzzing with life building. Because it was proving her right; Serpents would do anything for their children, just like any other parent on a prestigious office job. Serpents weren’t the monsters everyone thought they were.

Her excuse for walking all the way from their quaint north paradise to the disreputable south district five days per week was something that Betty always found fascinating; volunteering. Nurturing and caring by nature, she was constantly filling her free time with activities that offered assistance to those needed; taking care of stray cats and dogs down at the animal center, gathering food supplies and clothing for the homeless at their local church, being an annual blood donor, being proud cofounder along with her best friend, Veronica Lodge, of the two years now successful female empowerment club, Girls Speak Louder, at Riverdale High. And when senior year came and she needed a bigger challenge, something to bring her out of her good girl comfort zone, a tiny announcement had caught her eye, stuck on the bulletin board at the center of her high school corridor; Volunteers needed at Southside Elementary School.

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Blue and Gold - Jughead X Reader Imagaine

[A/N: Yeah so before I went to sleep last night I did kind of have an idea of where this fic would go if it had another part! It’s a little different to what I originally had planned and has taken a bit more of an angsty tone. Hope you guys like it regardless!]

(gif source: @juggiehead​)

‘Listen,’ (Y/N) started quietly, as Jughead took his seat next to her, ‘I know that for some reason – and I don’t care why- but you don’t like me.’

(Y/N) began to fan out sheets of paper, written on with detailed notes, photographs accompanied the papers and Jughead realised they were character profiles. Each piece of paper included the names, birth dates, home addresses and alibis of various students from Riverdale High on the day that Jason Bloom was murdered.

‘How did you get all of this stuff?’ Jughead asked in awe, reaching out and picking up Reggie Mantle’s profile. (Y/N) sighed.

‘I’m a nice person Jughead, I just asked and people were more than willing to tell me – it’s called being a people person.’

‘There’s being a people person and then there’s this.’

‘Yeah well, Betty told you I was useful and she was right. Anyway like I was trying to say-‘

‘Yeah, yeah. I don’t like you. We’ll get over it.’ Jughead continued to absorb himself in the papers. (Y/N) huffed, but rather than press the matter further she began to point out the places in which peoples alibis didn’t quite match up.

Soon both of the kids were absorbed in the tangling web of Jason Bloom’s death.


The next couple of weeks continued in the same fashion, (Y/N) would spend the week collecting intel on new students or returning back to those who didn’t quite make sense, and by the end of the week the information she had gathered was delivered to Jughead. Together they had gathered a tonne of evidence and the case for Jason Bloom was really beginning to come together.

(Y/N)’s true project however was not going to plan.

‘Betty it’s not working.’ (Y/N) sighed, sipping on her colossal strawberry milkshake.

‘Maybe he just needs more time?’ Betty tilted her head and smiled sympathetically, her pony tail bounced with the motion.

‘No he’s just getting worse. I mean at least with scathing comments came some form of acknowledgement, now it’s like I don’t even exist.’

‘I thought he was being nice to you at Blue and Gold, though?’

‘Yeah, in that room he’s all smiles and talking but then we sit here and he won’t even look at me.’ (Y/N) chewed on her straw. ‘I really don’t know what’s worse.’

‘Okay, I’ll talk to him, see what the deal is?’ Betty smiled sincerely.

‘No!’ (Y/N) shouted a little too loudly, the other patrons in the diner looked over at the girls before resuming their own activities. ‘No,’ (Y/N) repeated quietly, ‘I don’t want him to know that it bothers me- and if anyone should speak to him, it should be me.’


‘Can I ask you something?’ (Y/N) sat in the Blue and Gold room, her legs drawn up onto her chair and her head lightly tucked into her crossed arms.

It had been a quiet week in regards to new information being discovered, people were beginning to become curious about the motive behind (Y/N)’s questions so she had decided to place herself on the backburner for a week. Jughead was mulling over some of the older profiles, scrutinizing them for anything that could have been missed.

‘Yeah, sure.’ He mumbled as his eyes traced over the profile for Ethel Muggins.

‘What is it that makes you hate me?’ (Y/N) exhaled with a breath she didn’t know was being held.

‘You’re irritating.’ Jughead immediately replied in the same monotone voice.

(Y/N) took in a breath, ‘Yeah okay, but what is irritating about me?’

‘Everything.’ He replied again quickly.

(Y/N) began to unfold herself from the chair, she sat up straight and began to pick at loose thread on the sleeve of her blouse.

‘I thought that maybe we were getting somewhere.’

‘Yeah, well-’ Jughead turned his head to look at (Y/N), his next words caught on his tongue as he took in her sullen expression. Immediately his eyes returned to the Muggins profile and a silence descended on the room.

‘You make me feel like I’m not good enough, Jug.’

The boy didn’t respond, his eyes remained fixed on the paper in his hands.

‘Like I’m not good enough to sit at the booth,’ (Y/N)’s voice was quiet, ‘or to be friends with the guys – friends with you. I planned all of this – so you could get to know me but it just made things worse and I just wish you could give me a reason.’

Jughead made no move to acknowledge (Y/N), the silence was punctuated by the slight creak of (Y/N)’s chair as she shifted. A light puff of air left through her nose and she stood to leave.

‘That’s probably all I can get for you now,’ her eyes nodded to the paper work on the table despite the fact that Jughead was not looking at her, ‘people are finally getting suspicious of me asking so many questions.’

(Y/N) reached for the door, before she left she took one final glance at the beanie-clad boy still sat with his back to her.

‘Good luck.’

The door clicked shut.

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Birthday Headcanon: {Riverdale}

Send me requests or a headcanon idea.

Reggie Mantle 1.0 & 2.0:

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Originally posted by riverdalesource

  • Reggie sending you a happy birthday text message.
  • Reggie coming over to your house.
  • Watching Netflix and cuddling.
  • Birthday sex.

Jughead Jones:

Originally posted by casssaroleee

  • Jughead taking you to twilight drive in.
  • Jughead being disappointed in not being able to get you a present.
  • Telling him that him being here, and being with him is a present to you.
  • Jughead telling you how much he loves you.
  • Having passionate sex on the picinic rug.

Archie Andrews:

Originally posted by cheryls-bombshell

  • Archie writing you a son, which ends up being your present.
  • Archie being extremely romantic.
  • Going to pop’s for milkshakes.
  • Having passionate sex.

Veronica Lodge:

Originally posted by jugheadjunk

  • Veronica texting you an extremely long happy birthday text.
  • Taking you on a shopping spree.
  • Veronica getting you a lot of gifts.
  • Veronica being extremely excited
  • Going on a lunch date.
  • Much to her mother’s dismay, Veronica throws a birthday party for you.

Betty Cooper:

Originally posted by riverdales-daily

  • Betty coming over to your house to wish you a happy birthday.
  • Betty giving you a birthday present.
  • With the help of Veronica, Betty throws you a birthday party at her house.
  • Betty making you a birthday cake.

Cheryl Blossom:

Originally posted by thecwriverdale

  • Cheryl taking you on a shopping spree.
  • Getting your nails done.
  • Having a lunch date.
  • Cheryl throwing you the biggest and best birthday party.
  • Cheryl getting you a necklace.

Fp Jones:

Originally posted by mona-stay

  • Waking up to him kissing your neck.
  • “Happy birthday,baby.”
  • Morning sex.
  • Having a chill birthday.
  • Having a movie marathon.
  • Having a lot of sex.
Only You || Cheryl Blossom

Request from @gentlydean: You said angst is good so here’s one that I guess would be angst/fluff? Basically the reader is a really shy girl who likes Cheryl, but catches Chuck kissing Cheryl and assumes they’re dating. It’s a misunderstanding because Cheryl ended up rejecting Chuck. Cheryl of course, pulls a Cheryl and does something huge like kisses the reader during a cheer routine in front of everyone at a football game or I dunno you can decide on the ending of course!! (Sorry I’m not good at explaining these gah)

A/N: I hope you enjoyed this! It’s been a while since I’ve done prompts so forgive me if it feels a little rushed!

Gif by @dailycwriverdale


Two years. It had been two years since you realized you had a crush on the Blossom girl. You sighed as you walked down the hallways of Riverdale High. Okay, maybe you didn’t just have a crush on Cheryl. Maybe you loved her. Despite your best friend Jughead begging you for months now to ask the ginger out, you always vehemently refused. Cheryl was the most popular girl in school and you were known as the loner, even more so than Jughead. Unlike Jughead, people knew nothing about you. You had moved to Riverdale in the fifth grade for reasons no one knew of and no one was aware of where you lived. So, yeah, the loner asking Cheryl Blossom out? Not going to happen.

You groaned internally.

Why did you have to love her? You only talked to her a couple times in class and that was only when she asked to borrow a pencil! Get it together, Y/N!

A couple wolf whistles made you look up and you froze when you saw Cheryl and Chuck at Cheryl’s locker, passionately kissing.

“Get it, Chuck!” Reggie yelled.

You felt hot tears well up in your eyes as you quickly turned away from the… the couple in front of you, running off as fast as you could.

You didn’t notice Cheryl looking after you.

As you ran, you quickly pulled out your phone, dialing Jughead’s number.


“Pop’s. Now.” you croaked before you hung up.

You needed to get out of there.

“I’m sorry, Y/N,” Jughead said as he handed you a vanilla milkshake, sitting across from you. “I really am.”

You shrugged as you took the milkshake, setting it in front you. You weren’t really all that hungry.

“It’s fine, I guess,” you mumbled. “I mean, what’d I expect? She’s Cheryl. He’s Chuck. I’m just… Y/N.”

Jughead sighed and shook his head.

“Y/N, you’re not “just Y/N,” he said. “You’re the Y/N. My best friend. The funniest and smartest girl I know. If Cheryl doesn’t see that, well, then screw her.”

You smiled at your best friend’s words.

“Thanks, Juggie,” you said. “You’re the best.”

Jughead nodded.

“I really am.” he agreed.

You rolled your eyes.

“Now you’re pushing it.”

The raven-haired teen shrugged.

“Well, it was good while it lasted,” he said. “Oh, and, um, does this “situation” mean you want to skip the football game tonight? Since, you know, the Ice Queen is gonna be there?”

You kicked the teenager under the table.

“Don’t call her that,” you said as a smirk made its way onto your face. “But no. I can go to the game. Support Archie and all. It is the championship game after all.”

Jughead shrugged again.

“Alright.” he said before the two of you entered a comfortable silence, you drinking your milkshake and Jughead typing away on his novel.

“Can it be halftime already?” Jughead groaned as he leaned against the chain fence separating the two of you from the football field.

You rolled your eyes.

“We have fifteen seconds left in this quarter,” you said. “Chill.”

Jughead groaned but remained quiet otherwise.

As the football team began to formulate their final play of the quarter, you happened to glance over at the cheerleaders. Cheryl in particular. To your surprise, she was looking right at you. You quickly looked away, feeling your cheeks heating up.

Why was she looking at you?

“Hey, you okay?” Jughead asked.

“She’s looking at me,” you said quietly. “Cheryl’s looking at me.”

Jughead looked up at the ginger girl.

“What do you know?” he began. “She is.”

“Why?” you hissed.

Before Jughead could answer, you heard the referee’s whistle blow, signaling the end of the period. You weren’t even aware that the last play had just taken place.

“And now,” a voice boomed. “For our halftime show, the River Vi—wait, where’s Cheryl going?”

“Incoming.” Jughead announced.

Noticing the change in your best friend’s tone, you looked up only to freeze once you saw Cheryl making her way over to you.


Before you could finish your sentence, the ginger cupped your cheeks with her palms and crashed her lips against yours. You heard loud cheers erupt from the bleachers and the football field and when you finally pulled away from the head cheerleader, she was smirking at you.

“What? Something the matter?” she asked coyly.

“Wh-But I saw you with—”

“It was a dare, Y/N-kins. How could I like him when I love you?” she asked.

Your cheeks reddened at her words.

“I-I-” you squeaked.

“Y/N, don’t say. Just do.” Jughead said from behind you.

With that, Cheryl’s lips claimed yours again and you just got utterly lost in her.

Maybe the head cheerleader did have a little thing for the loner after all.


A/N: Hope you liked it! Please send feedback. Now I’m off to watch the season finale of “Riverdale!” Who do you guys think is gonna fall through the ice? My guess is Cheryl!


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Strip Poker - Jughead x Reader

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Request: “ Would you do a JugheadxReader where they end up playing strip poker? @katshrev

Warning: A little swearing, kind of nudity I guess

Word Count:1331

A/N: Hey guys. This is the first fan fic I’ve ever written and the first fiction I’ve written in years so sorry if I’m a little rusty. If you have any feedback at all positive or negative I’d love to hear it and if you have any requests I’d love to try to write them.

What felt like the entire school was crammed into Cheryl Blossom’s ostentatious living room. You sat on the floor with your group of friends, Archie, Betty, Veronica, Kevin and Jughead rather than sitting on one of the expensive couches which no doubt cost more than your car.

“It’s game time bitches!” Cheryl Blossom exclaimed as she stood up and shook her impressively long hair.

“After the hashtag fail that was 7 minutes in heaven at my last soirée I think we’ll give something else a try. Whose up for Strip Poker?” Cheryl asked as your group of friends groaned, while Reggie and Moose whooped in excitement.

“ What are the odds she just wants to get Archie naked ” your best friend Jughead whispered to you.

“Whatever do you mean Jug? Has Cheryl every expressed sexual desire in Archie before?” You asked sarcastically as you and Jug both laughed.

Ever since Archie’s transformation over the summer Cheryl has made no secret of her undeniable thirst for him.

“ Okay, gather round everyone and yes that includes you Sad Breakfast Club” Cheryl said somewhat slurred after slamming down what was as far as you could tell her sixth drink.

“ Do you really think this is a good idea Y/N” Jughead said to you, with a concerned look in his eye.

You could there was no way in hell he wanted to even face the slight possibility of getting naked in front of all of these people.

“ I don’t know why your worried Jug, you have the distinct advantage of wearing about 6 more layers that everyone else here” You said as you lightly nudged him.

It was a running joke between the two of you, how Jughead always seemed to be wearing more and more layers of clothing every time you saw him. You were sure that one day he would wear all of his clothing at once like Joey on Friends as a joke.

Jughead had been your best friend since 8th grade English class, when the two of you were randomly assigned seats next to one another. At first he didn’t so much as glance in your direction. but over time he warmed to you claiming you were the only other person in the room as well read as he was, the teacher included. Although Jughead was your best friend you had harboured a long time crush on him that absolutely no one had been able to confirm, but the rest of your friends had not to subtly hinted at knowing. Jughead of course remained completely oblivious to your feelings.

You took your spot on the floor between Betty and Kevin, while Jughead took place next to Archie across from you. Cheryl dealt the cards and everyone began to play strip poker. Veronica was of course the first one out, loosing her clothes within the first two rounds. You all laughed as she quietly folded before having to lose her underwear. You knew V was an exhibitionist, but she still had limits saying she didn’t want to be that girl who got naked in from of the entire school.

Jughead had an excellent poker face. As you had predicted his extreme layering had come in handy for him. Unlucky for him you could read his poker face. After hours upon hours together; many of which you spent inconspicuously studying his every expression, you could read him like a book. The game continued on until you and Jug were the only people left playing. You both had a competitive streak and didn’t want to be the one to fold.

The rest of the party had dispersed from the living room to other parts of the labyrinth resembling house. Only you and Jug remained seated in the living room you in only a bra, jeans and underwear, whilst Jug wore only jeans, underwear and his ever present beanie. While you played your couldn’t help but notice the lean muscles of Jughead’s chest and abdomen, impressed by the definition.

The two of you continued and you and Jughead both lost your jeans. Once Jughead had lost the next round he faced a difficult decision, loose his underwear or his famed beanie.

“ So what’s it gonna be Jug, beanie or underwear” you teased as he slipped off his beanie, throwing it to the ground.

“ This is so wrong Y/N” Jughead said. “ You know I feel naked without my beanie”

“ You are essentially naked Jug”

“ As are you, so let’s not get too cocky.” He said as he winked at you.

You and Jug were always flirty with one another, you tried not to read too much into it but as the two of you sat here almost naked, long having been deserted by your peers you started to wonder if perhaps by some chance he; the boy you’ve longed for for so many years now could ever possibly return your feelings.

“ Okay show your cards” Jughead said as the two of you flipped your cards over.

It was clear that he has won, annihilated you even. Him with a Full House and you with junk.

“ Well, you’ve won Jones” you said as you reached around to unhook your bra.

“ Wait, no, don’t!” Jughead practically screamed.

“ Okay, I won’t, you said and you frantically stood up, looking for some clothing to cover yourself, embarrassed that Jughead didn’t want to see your breasts. ”

I figured a sixteen year old boy would want to look at boobs, sorry Jug, I didn’t realise you were so repulsed by me!“ You sobbed as you frantically pulled on your jeans failing to hold back tears.

” What no Y/N! That’s not what I meant, of course I want to see your boobs"

“You what! ” You screamed and turned to stare at Jughead.

“ That’s not what I meant, well kind of, look Y/N what I mean is I have such a huge crush on you, I don’t want to see you like that here, in Cheryl fucking Blossom’s living room. I don’t want to to feel uncomfortable like that” Jughead said as he looked away from you, a blush starting to creep along his cheeks.

You were shocked. Never in your wildest dreams did you think that Jughead might return your feelings. Slowly you stepped forward to Jughead and cupped his face.

“ Jug, I never realised you felt that way, I guess I was always so wrapped up in my crush on you I never took a second to see that you felt the same way.” You said as you smiled.

“ Thank you for respecting me so much to stop me from taking my bra off” You said as you leant up to kiss him.

The two of you stood, in the middle of Cheryl’s living room kissing for what felt like an eternity but couldn’t have been more that a few seconds before a door opened and the rest of your friends piled into the room, looking stunned. You and Jughead shot apart, looking embarrassed suddenly remembering that the two of you were both still in various states on undress.

“ Uhhh-we came looking for you guys to see if you wanted to join us at Pop’s but it looks like the two of you are otherwise engaged” Veronica said as she jumped over to Jughead and gave him a fist bump.

How about we meet you there once we find the rest of our clothes" Jughead said as you giggled.

Once you had dressed and after your friends left in search of milkshakes and burgers you and Jughead stood there and burst into laughter.

“ Well that was certainly the weirdest first kiss ever” Jughead said.

“ That makes it perfect for us” You said “ although maybe next time we should try it with clothes on”

“ Or maybe not” Jughead said and winked before laughing.

You laughed too and kissed his cheek before taking his hand and setting off to Pop’s to enjoy the rest of your night with your friends.

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Thank you for your lovely comments, darlings!!! I hope you like what I did with your prompts!! Enjoy!!! <3

Warning: Hot make-outs, smutty mentions, cute Bughead galore and just me fawning over the bae that is Cole Sprouse. 

“We have to go.” Kiss

“Hmm, in a second.” Kiss

“One day – kiss – we’ll get caught – kiss – and they’ll definitely expel us.” Hard Kiss.

“Oh, I’d love to see you, Betty Cooper – kiss – getting expelled over a steamy make out.” Bite.

Betty just let a breathless laugh, alternating the angle of her head and dropped her arms to his shoulders, crossing them by the wrists behind his head. Jughead’s smile grew more in delight against her lips and he dove in again, pecking her lips hard. They were in one of the dusty storage rooms of their high school, the smallest one and the one with no windows, exploring this new-found feeling of being in love and being a couple, mist old broken chairs and random school supplies. Betty was perched up on an unused desk that lay against the wall, dressed for her cheerleading practice in her usual white and yellow t-shirt and dark blue shorts, while her boyfriend was standing deliciously between her gorgeous legs, school bag, denim jacket and beanie abandoned somewhere on the floor, kissing her like there was no tomorrow for God knows how long now.

That was basically they daily routine. Ever since the two of them overcame their irrational fears of rejection and possible heartbreak and talked with each other about that kiss that held all of Jughead’s suppressed emotions all those years, they couldn’t overlook their mutual feeling of desiring to be together. Three weeks had passed since that day and, despite of the new challenges they were faced with every day, regarding their unconventional families and the amorality that seemed to emerge every once in a while of the core of their small town, the two teens were basking in the afterglow of their romance with affectionate gestures and heated make outs. The only cloud shading their Romeo and Juliet fairytale was that everything was being done in shadows, like a good, concealed secret.

They wanted to tell people; and they would do it. They weren’t afraid or ashamed, both emotions equally unfair to the wonderful union that it was them. They just wanted to do it in their own terms, without excited friends or controlling parents getting in their way, without having to explain themselves or put labels and boundaries in something that came and kept growing natural to them. So, janitor’s closets and storage rooms it was.

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betsforsythetrash  asked:

Alright Smut Queen, I'm gonna need a continuation of Bugheads make out scene but Betty is turned on by Jugheads new jacket, and maybe she ends up wearing it at some point??

Ok, here it is - the long awaited continuation, I really hope it’s what you wanted. This scene actually ruined me because every time I’m like is this too far??? I just remember what we actually saw and I’m like nope! I’ve sinned, my friends, I’ve sinned.
Warning: so much Bughead smut, all of the smut, a little feeling, but then more smut.

You Build Me Up, Believer

“I love you, Betty Cooper.”

Every inch of her froze, the words echoing in her ears as a silence settled over the trailer. The world felt as if it moved in slow motion as she turned to look at him. His beanie had been thrown casually to the side, leaving his dark, untamed waves ruffled and free. His shoulders were hunched in slightly as if he was braced for impact. But his eyes… Betty had never seen eyes so earnest, so open and giving. 

She took steady, paced out steps towards him, unable to keep the grin from spreading across her features. 

“Jughead Jones,” she whispered, heart racing. “I love you.” She could see the weight lift from his body – she had never felt so light herself, as if this was the last thing that needed to be heard before they could give themselves to one another without interruption, without restraint. Jughead looked almost disbelieving, eyes shining in the dim light. He had never been more thankful for the existence of another human being. 

His hands cupped her cheeks as he bent forwards, kissing her once, twice, letting her know just how grateful he was to have her, to call her his own. She inhaled deeply, pressing her body against the length of his front, fingers placed delicately against his neck. He pulled back to look at her, this beautiful creature in his arms. She was smiling back at him, eyes slightly hooded, lips beginning to swell. He grinned, dipping down to grip her behind and pull her into his arms, revelling in the squeal she let out that rang through the trailer. Her arms wrapped around his neck, steadying herself as she looked down at him, loose, golden waves shrouding them both as they fell over his shoulders. 

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No Catcalling Allowed || Reggie Mantle

Originally posted by riverdalesource

Request from anon: Protective Reggie? Where some guys from the team are making rude comments and he stands up for you


“Hey baby!” a voice called behind you.

You sighed as you closed your locker door.

Great. The jocks were here for their usual 9 am catcalling session.

You did what you usually did; you picked up your backpack and swung the strap over your shoulder, beginning your trek to your third period class which just happened to be all the way across the school, ignoring everything the jocks said.

“Hey there, Y/N,” Chuck murmured as he strolled next to you. “Looking good today,”

You ignored him.

Ignoring Chuck when he made his comments usually did the trick. After seeing he wasn’t going to get a reaction out of you, he would usually screw off and chat with his buddies instead. That today however wasn’t the case.

“Come on, baby, just smile for me,” he said as he looked at you up and down, a creepy hunger in his eyes.

Again, you ignored him.

“Hey, look at me when I’m talking to you.” he snapped suddenly, grabbing your arm and twisting you towards him.

Your binders fell out of your arms and crashed down on the floor, papers going everywhere.

Before you could say anything, someone pushed Chuck off of you and into the lockers, his head hitting the metal with a clang!

Reggie Mantle held the misogynistic teen against the locker, positively fuming. You had never seen him look so mad before.

“Don’t touch her,” he growled. “You got that? Don’t you ever touch her.”

Chuck chuckled.

“Cool it, Reggie. If I would’ve known you wanted her, I would’ve given her to you. She’s a tough one to crack. Just the way you like ‘em.”

Reggie let him go and Chuck swaggered away. You looked down at the fingerprint indents Chuck had left on your arm that were slowly turning purple. Reggie’s eyes widened.

“Are you okay?” he asked as he began to make his way over to you.

“D-Don’t touch me, please.” you begged as you took a step back, obviously shaken.

Reggie stopped immediately and nodded.

“Okay.” he said softly.

With that, he bent down and began to gather up the papers that had fallen from your binder.

You sighed and joined Reggie in picking up the fallen papers.

“I’m sorry,” Reggie began. “Chuck is just—”

“An asshole.” you finished.

Reggie chuckled.

“Yeah, he is. I’m not even gonna try and defend him. He’s an asshole.” he confirmed.

“Why do you even hang out with him?” you grumbled.

“I don’t!” he defended.

At your doubtful expression, the jock elaborated.

“I used to,” he admitted. “But after I heard about that playbook, those lists… I couldn’t do it anymore.”

“Weren’t you on them?” you accused.

Reggie shook his head.

“No,” he said. “I never did things like that. You can even ask Betty. She took pictures of them. I’m not a monster.”

You were silent as you contemplated his words and nodded.

“Okay.” you said quietly.

Reggie handed you the rest of your papers and you stuffed them into your binders, holding them close to your chest.

“Do you want me to walk to your next class?” he offered.

You smiled for the first time all day and shook your head.

“No, it’s okay, Reggie,” you said. “I’ll be alright. Thank you though.”

Reggie smiled at you.

“Okay,” he said as he began to walk away. “I’ll see you around?” he asked.

You nodded, feeling your heart flutter in your chest.

“Yeah. I’ll see you around.”


A/N: Hope you enjoyed my first ever Reggie fic! Let me know what you thought!


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Slip ups (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: Jughead x Reader keeping their relationship a secret, they just don’t want other people to know, but one of them accidentally slips.

A/N: I changed it a bit but hope you liked it!!! Requests are welcome! 


Slip Up (Jughead x Reader) 

You and Jughead have been a thing since he questioned you about Jason’s death for his novel. You didn’t have any useful information but you two got along quite well.

After the interview, he asked if you wanted to grab a milkshake at Pop’s. You guys have been dating since.

The only thing is that no one knew as you both liked the privacy and Jug didn’t want anyone picking on you for dating him. Of course you had called him crazy and that you didn’t care what those idiots thought.

Three months into the relationship and you both were starting to slip up causing everyone to question what exactly was going on.

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anonymous asked:

Hey I just had a major fight with my nest friend and I'm having a super bad night.. Can I request a fic where B and V have a fight, and Jughead comforts Betty about it? Love your blog and your writing btw xx

I’m sorry love, unfortunately fighting happens, it really sucks, but if she’s really your friend, she’ll come around just give it time!

She slammed into the blue and gold office, instantly heading for her laptop, not bothering with a hello to the obviously surprised beanie wearing boy.

“Well hello sunshine, how are you today?” He smiled at her bouncing ponytail. Her eyes looked up from the laptop and he finally noticed the tears welling up In them. He dropped his pen onto his textbook and moved to lean on Betty’s desk.

“Hey, bets. Look at me.” He placed a hand under her chin forcing her eyes to his. “What happened blue eyes?”

The tears finally fell as her lip quivered

“It’s Ronnie.. she .. she wants to go on a date with moose mason, and I tried to tell her it was a bad idea and she just.. she lost it, called me a bad friend told me I was unsupportive, I didn’t know what it was like. I’m just trying to help.”

He kneeled down so he was eye level with the pretty blonde, moving a strand of her smooth honey hair out of her face.

“You did the right thing. If you feel like something’s not right, you should say something. Ron didn’t mean all those things she was just hurt, you’ve done all you can now you just have to let her make her own mistakes.”

She sighed playing with the buttons on his flannel “he’s gonna hurt her, he’s not a good guy.”

Jughead nodded propping his hands on her waist and making her stand with him.
“It’s gonna be a hard lesson to learn, but it’s her lesson, not yours.”

Nodding her head, Jughead kissed the little wrinkle of frustration in between her eyebrows.

She sighed leaning into him resting her cheek on his chest.

“Why can’t all guys be like you? I just want her to be as happy as I am. Find the right guy, just like I found you.”

Laughing he rolled his eyes,

“Not everyone can have what we have, we’re different, special. You’re special.”

She looked up and smiled, bringing her lips to his

“Thanks for talking me down juggie.”

He placed his hand on the back of her head pulling her close

“What kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn’t help my girlfriend when she’s feeling sad? Oh that’s right Archie Andrews.”

She smacked his arm reaching around his neck and pulling him in.

“I think I’ll take Jughead jones, thank you very much.”

Shy || Jughead Jones

Request by @myteenwolf-world: Hi Rose :) I love your stories so much and I was wondering if you could write something where the reader is really shy and barely speaks to anyone? Jug is the only one she talks to and the rest of the group are surprised to see them having a conversation and being close. They question Jug about it and they find out he has a crush on her. Thank you in advance <3

A/N: I feel like this was kind of shaky since I haven’t written prompts in a while but I’m getting back in the swing of things! Hope you enjoy. <3

Gif by @juggiehead


Being the new kid was never easy. Being the shy new kid was never easy. You were the perfect target for bullying from people like Reggie and Chuck who always catcalled you in the hallways and knocked your binders out of your arms. But you never said a word. You didn’t want to cause any trouble.

A few people noticed you. The “Sad Breakfast Club” saw you in the hallways. Sitting alone at lunch. Reading alone. Keeping to yourself. Day after day, almost every member of the group (with the exception being Jughead) attempted to talk to you. They tried to coerce you into at least sitting with them at lunchtime. Each time you quickly shook your head, eyes returning to your book.

Weeks passed and the group was still no closer to getting you to even speak a word.

“I just don’t understand!” Veronica exclaimed as she slammed her lunch tray down on the table. “We’ve tried everything. Does she just not like us?”

Betty shook her head.

“I don’t think that’s what it is, V,” the blonde said. “She’s just really shy. Sometimes you can try everything only to have nothing work.”

Veronica groaned.

“She has a point,” Archie said as he took a bite of his apple. “Maybe we should just stop.”

As the group talked amongst themselves, Jughead watched you from a distance. Unlike the others, he had taken a personal interest in you. The raven-haired teen loved mysteries and you were one he wanted to crack.

Why did you move here? Why did you move here so late in the school year? Why were you so shy?

“I can try,” Jughead interrupted, silencing the entire group. “To talk to her, I mean.”

Archie sighed.

“Jug, I don’t know…” he began. “You tend to be… really upfront. What if you scare her away?”

Jughead snorted.

“Wow, thanks, Arch,” he remarked sarcastically. “Like you guys haven’t terrified her enough.”

With that, he was off and making his way over to your table.

“This isn’t going to end well.” Betty said.

Veronica sighed as she opened her bag of chips.

“Guess we’ll find out.”

You heard someone making their way over to you before you saw them. You gripped your book tighter, forcing your eyesight to stay on the small words. You wondered who it would be this time. Would it be the jock or one of the two cheerleaders? It wasn’t that you didn’t like them either, it was just that you were literally terrified to talk to them. They seemed so cool and you didn’t understand why they wanted to talk to someone like you.

“Hey,” an unfamiliar voice said, breaking you out of your thoughts.

You looked up from your book, your eyes meeting blue-green ones. Your heart skipped a beat once you saw who it was. Jughead Jones. The boy in your English class who you had a massive crush on. But of course, you could never find the courage to talk to him. If you couldn’t even talk to Veronica Lodge or Betty Cooper, arguably the nicest girls in the school, how were you supposed to talk to the boy you liked?

“Can I sit here?” Jughead asked.

You returned your gaze to your book, not answering. Jughead took a seat anyway.

“What’s your name?” the beanie-clad teen pressed.

Again, you didn’t answer.

“Well,” he sighed. “My name’s Jughead. I’m in your—”

“English class,” you said softly before you froze.

Jughead seemed equally surprised that you spoke.

“Yeah, I, um,” you began again, clearing your throat. “I know who you are.”

“Is she… talking to him?” Veronica asked incredulously.

Archie nodded.

“Looks like she is. Who would’ve guessed?” the ginger asked.

“But why?” Betty asked.

Archie frowned at her question.

“Why is she talking to Jughead?” he tried to clarify.

Betty shook her head.

“No, why is Jughead talking to her? When has he ever showed an interest in the new kids? He never showed an interest in Veronica.”

Veronica rolled her eyes.

“Thanks, Betty.” she joked.

“You know what I mean.” the Cooper girl said.

The three students returned their gazes to you and Jughead who were now talking and smiling amongst each other. At the moment, the bell rang signaling the end of the period. The gang saw you pack your stuff up as you and Jughead said your goodbyes. Jughead walked back over to the group with a smug smile on his face as you walked into the school.

“How?” Veronica asked once Jughead was close enough to hear her.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” he asked as he picked up his book bag, swinging the strap over his shoulder.

Veronica smirked.

“I don’t know, maybe it has something to do with the fact you have a crush on her? And, oh, I don’t know, maybe she likes you too and you guys are going out to Pop’s after school to get a milkshake together?” she joked, improvising everything as she went along.

Betty and Archie laughed but Veronica didn’t miss the way she saw Jughead tense up for a fraction of a second.

“Very funny, Veronica.” he deadpanned.

Veronica’s eyes widened.

“Oh my God,” she murmured. “You like her!”

Jughead turned beet-red as Betty and Archie turned to stare at him with wide eyes.

“And she likes you! And you asked her out!” Veronica continued.

“God, Veronica, scream it to the world, would you?!” Jughead hissed as the four of them walked into the school.

Veronica went silent but couldn’t stop her beaming smile or the way she was practically vibrating with excitement.

“Aw, Juggie, this is so cute!” Betty squealed.

“Not bad, Jug.” Archie said as he clapped the writer on the back.

Jughead’s red face didn’t go away.

“Yeah, okay, whatever,” he mumbled. “I’ll see you guys later.”

With that he was gone, escaping to his next class.

“Our Juggie’s growing up.” Veronica said, wiping a fake tear from her eye.

“You’re so lucky he wasn’t around to hear that.”


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