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i ‘ l l  t a k e  b o t h  p t . 2

@mattdillpickle: Heyyy it’s me again, so sorry to bother love, but I was wondering if when you are done with all your fanfics if you could do a part two to I’ll take both?? Pt one was super good!! Please and thank you

ship / reader x archie x juhead

warning / smut, mild language

plot / after the party, archie notices jughead and y/n leaving together. a little more sober and curious, he follows the two into y/n’s house. stuff gets intense, leaving y/n with the question she started out with, was it going to be jughead or archie?

a/n / i wasn’t expecting so much feedback from the first one! i enjoy getting requests and whatnot so just keep doing that! and this super short and i apologize !

jughead grabbed y/n by the arm dragging her out of the house, not knowing archie was watching. in that moment, jughead wanted y/n, and the same for her.

“my house is not that far,” y/n breathlessly moaned before starting the car. her parents were out on date night, and that meant they had the house to themselves.

“i can’t wait,” jughead whimpered in her ear, trying to grab at her shirt. y/n was too focused into jughead and driving to notice a car following them. 

y/n hated to leave archie there like that, but he just drunk and could probably care less about the whole thing. 

she finally arrived to her house, with jughead practically on her. just then archie got out too, leaving a surprised look on their faces.

“look i really like you too and, i… i want you,” archie said truthfully. y/n didn’t know how to respond, she liked him too, but she also liked jughead.

“i can share,” jughead said mischievously. he smirked at y/n, as she was just dumbfounded. “i uh yes,” is all she managed to say. 

y/n wanted to squeal, she would’ve never thought in a million years, that this would be happening. everything was going to well, and quite frankly, she never wanted this night to end.

she locked the door, leaving to go into her bedroom, with jug and archie following.

it was now just the three of them. alone. again.

“do you guy want som-” archie put her against the wall and started to kiss her neck roughly. jughead did the same to the side of her.

archie undressed himself quick while jughead started to take off her top. he passionately kissed her while rubbing her through her jeans. archie then flopped on the bed, y/n and jughead doing so right after. 

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“are you sure?” archie panted. y/n violently shook her head yes while jughead continued to undress the other half of her. 

“oh my god, so beautiful.” archie moaned kissing her thighs. y/n gasped at the feeling of his lips. jughead then quickly undid her bra, he then kissed every inch of her stomach up.

archie met his length at her opening looking for confirmation, y/n looked up and nodded. 

all of a sudden, pain was all she could feel. y/n’s screams soon turned into moans once she started to feel the pleasure. he went in such a fast pace, it was hard for her to keep up. jughead wasn’t making it any easier as he whispered dirty things in her ears.

once archie released, jughead quickly exchanged positions. jughead started by eating her out slowly and suspenseful. y/n soon found herself pushing jughead’s head deeper into her. she was going to cum, but then jughead removed himself. he lined his length with her, then slowly went in. 

y/n could not hold back her groans and moans, while archie massaged her breasts, admiring her figure. jughead still continued to go slow, but deep until they both fell in satisfaction. y/n rode out their highs before jughead placed a sloppy but sensual kiss on her lips. archie laid down out of breath, as did jughead.

“that was amazing.” archie breathed. jughead only let out a small groan in agreement. y/n placed her head in the crook of jughead’s neck, her legs resting on archie’s chest.

“i like both of you.” y/n blurted. jughead only pulled her in closer and kissed her forehead.

“and i wish it could be like this all the time.” y/n gushed as archie looked at her meaningfully.

“we have a whole morning to stalk about this.” archie mumbled into her skin. y/n huffed in return, but she was tired.

she turned to her side, in the arms of the boys whom she loves. it felt like home to her. she didn’t want to have to face the consequences of either jughead or archie. she just wanted both.

knowingly that is not likely to work out, she closed her eyes and dismissed her thoughts all at once.

but it still crept in her head that she would have to make the decision. sooner or later.

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hello lovelies💞💞 I’m sorry (again) this was so short. a lotta people requested for a part two and i was determined to get it done tonight! if you wanted an alternate ending please submit it to me, or if you just want to request! like i said before i’ll right any ship, including girl x girl, boy x girl or even a gender neutral ship. i’m all ears! i currently have requests on their way, it only takes a day or two. feedback is everything to me and i still want to hear your opinions or ideas so ya! -lilyxx

  • Veronica Lodge: Archie and I were gonna go bowling on Friday. Hey you and Jughead should join us!
  • Betty Cooper: Oh, that sounds like fun! It's been a while since we've gone out, we normally just chill at home.
  • Veronica Lodge: Really? But I thought you said Jughead liked eating out.
  • Betty Cooper:
  • Veronica Lodge:
  • Betty Cooper:
  • Veronica Lodge:
  • Betty Cooper:
  • Veronica Lodge: ...Ohhhhhhhh!!! You mean he-
  • Betty Cooper: Every night.
  • Veronica Lodge: I can't even get Archie to turn the light off when he leaves a room.