Judith Bedard


favourite faces for favourite mythic ladies: Melusine with Judith Bedard

She had asked only one thing of her husband. She had asked for one day a week when he didn’t seek her out, and in return she had given him everything. Melusine, great fairy queen, gave him wealth and high towers and strong children, and it was because of her that he was adored and respected throughout the lands.

The Saturday was hers; that was all she had asked.

But like all mortal men, her husband was curious and greedy, and when he spied her bathing through the keyhole and discovered her serpent tail in the water, he had ruined everything. In front of all the court he had called her a monster, and standing there, shamed before those she had brought to him, Melusine hissed, yes, I am a monster.

With a scream that bloodied ears, Melusine transformed, scaled and huge and with a mouth full of swords. She fled that castle and never returned, her husband falling back into poverty and obscurity, just as he deserved.