If you see any photos of me shaking the queen’s hand you can see this. She said to me just before the queen came, “Mads, I’m gonna watch you all the time because I know you’re gonna fuck up.” And in all the photos she’s literally just standing there looking at me and I’m just trying to stand there and not smile and not crack up. 

mads talking about judi dench and meeting the queen (x)(x)


for those who can’t access the bbc’s video


VIDEO: “There’s No Skull In This Bit” - David Tennant & Co. In ‘A Line Of Hamlets' 

David Tennant and members of the star-studded company of Shakespeare Live! At The RSC take part in a heated discussion over the best way to deliver the iconic line from Hamlet, 'To be, or not to be’. David, who hosted the two-hour long TV spectacular, is joined onstage by Paapa Essiedu, Tim Minchin, Benedict Cumberbatch, Harriet Walter, Rory Kinnear, Ian McKellen and Judi Dench, before the matter is decided by one final extra special guest.