Okay but literally I love the Food Network so much like

- They are so diverse, there is not one show of Chopped/Cutthroat Kitchen/Guy’s Grocery’s Games that I have seen that does not have an assortment of races/cultures (white, black, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Mexican, French, African, etc), both judges and participants

-They are a family channel that is wonderfully supportive of LGBT chefs; I’ve seen a fair amount of gay and lesbian chefs on it and the judges/hosts are always super supportive

-They do children’s versions of a lot of their shows, which is really good for children’s self esteem, to see kids their age able to do such cool things

-They have yearly competitions to help one group of people learn to cook better and another group to obtain their own show on the Network (and the first group isn’t chosen by them, there are literally kids/husbands/wives/partners who send in letters begging the Network to help that particular person cook better). 

- Guy Fieri. Most unproblematic fave in the entire Network. 

-They are so fast to get rid of problematic people as soon as they recognize they are a bad person (Paula Deen, anyone?)

- In every competition, unless specifically stated otherwise, they do their damnedest to have at least one female chef compete which is difficult since male chefs outnumber female ones. 

-They regularly have competitions between Food Network chefs and give any money they “win” to a charity. 

- They always give money to children who are impoverished and are in need of school lunches

Like I can’t…think of anything I don’t like about the Food Network? Except that I CAN’T EAT THE FOOD I WATCH THEM MAKE


Books and Cupcakes October Book Photo Challenge.

Day 3:I’ve been meaning to read this.

This question is meant for my entire life because I have so many books I need to read. These are just a few. Like my photos? Sad truth- I actually tried to make them look nice. Anyone read these?

  • Friend: ok but aren't they just fictional characters? Why are you obsess over someone that isn't real. I mean that's just weird....
  • Me: why don't u shut yo mouth up before I kill u with my motherfucken fictional powers
  • Friend: ugh...*backs away*
  • Me: that's right hoe
If Jaehee and MC were judges in a modelling show
  • Seven the Host: Our next contestant, Zen!
  • *Zen walks out shirtless*
  • *With his muscles*
  • Jaehee and MC: !!!!
  • *die*
  • Seven the Host: Beep boop sorry to inform you but our judges
  • Seven the Host: have fainted

My next convention appearance is @japanexpo_fr in Paris! July 2nd - 5th! I’m beyond honored to partake as a Judge for the #ECG, host panels and have signings through out the weekend! I’ve wanted to visit #JapanExpo since I started cosplaying!!! Who will I see there??? Drop me a line! #YayaHan #cosplay #cons #Paris #France #EuropeanCosplayGathering (at yayahan.com)

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“I would have liked to live in 1942...”

Let’s talk of the Italian meme of the moment:
Miss Italia 2015.

Some days ago this girl:

has become the new Miss Italia. Her name is Alice Sabatini and she actually is an average-looking Italian girl, but that’s another story, the real problem is what she answered when one of the judges asked the finalists when they would have liked to live and who they would have liked to be:

Alice: “Err… in the ‘42, a thousand….”
A judge and the host helped her “1942?“
Alice: *kinda nods* “To-”
Judge 1: “To?”
Host: “During ww2?”
Judge 1: “I mean, ok, that’s the year, but is there a reason?”
Alice: “T-to actually see the ww2 since the books talks pages and pages-well, I wanted to live it..? After all I’m a woman so I wouldn’t have been a soldier, I would have stayed at home with the fear of-”
Judge 2: “Got it, Simona (the host)? We’ve gone from ‘I wish for peace on Earth’ to “I’d like to live the war’.”
(Her grammar was quite terrible)

Her questionable answer made the Italian side of the internet blow up.

Memes under the cut.

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This week is all about how you #LiveForFamily.

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