• Friend:ok but aren't they just fictional characters? Why are you obsess over someone that isn't real. I mean that's just weird....
  • Me:why don't u shut yo mouth up before I kill u with my motherfucken fictional powers
  • Friend:ugh...*backs away*
  • Me:that's right hoe

called in absent to the job that sucks my soul out but still going into the theatre (the love of my life) tonight to watch Wrath of Khan and Search for Spock

(i’m also hosting/judging a Shatner impersonation contest so… that should be fun and distracting for sure)

(this is a blurry photo of me modelling my going to watch Star Trek look – i can’t even believe how terrible i look in this just fyi but i ran out of patience)

throwback to that time when my trainer, who is an absolute stickler for jackets and will not let us remove them under any circumstances, went to the judge at the show we hosted a month ago and went “it’s ninety degrees out and humid and i don’t want my riders passing out due to overheating are you okay with waiving jackets” and the judge was like “yeah we don’t need anyone falling off their horse that’s fine i was actually going to suggest it if you didn’t and besides who’s going to care” and the rest of us breathed a sigh of relief because we were already melting without them

this is called being reasonable and should not be a questionable choice i dont understand horseblr

anonymous asked:

With Kym and Robert being at that event (even just as guests) do you think there might be a possibility Robert would do the show again? I think he said before that he wouldn't but maybe he changed his mind after their "first dance" rehearsals? I guess it would be quite a big deal for dwts, everyone loves Love so to have a married pro/dance partner couple might get them some views. And tbh I can't imagine Kym dancing with anyone else. But I guess I'm just dreaming and this would never happen 😭

No, I’m sure he’s done with danicing on the show. It was hard for him in S20 too, but he was spending time and was falling in love with Kym so he loved the experience. I think we have to watch our old videos of the rehearsals and the dances if we want to see a dancing Robert again. :) I believe Kym would be a good judge or even a good host next to Tom, but I don’t think it will happen. I think they want to start a family now.