Splatoon 64: Judge Judd
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Holy Splatoon update! And whats this Squid Girl I’ve barley heard of? Guess I should check it out too sometime.

Next is Captain Cuddlefish and then models free for all :)

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Software - Maya, Photoshop, After Effects -

“For Judd what mattered was the placement of these pieces, very deliberately sandwiched between walls, floor and ceiling. There is nothing inherently magical about any of these units. This is one of the very important contributions that Judd’s art makes. Its really about space as much as it is about object.” Ann Temkin, Chief Curator of Painting and Sculpture, on artist Donald Judd, who was born this day in 1928. Judd will be the subject of a MoMA retrospective in fall 2017. 

[Donald Judd. Untitled (Stack). 1967. The Museum of Modern Art, New York. © Judd Foundation, licensed by VAGA, New York]

Attention science lovers! We’ve received GROUNDBREAKING research footage of…Judd taking a catnap. Our camera crew has captured over 200 hours of video of this never-before-seen phenomenon. After analyzing this footage, we’ve discovered that, uh, Judd’s tail has a really weird shape! So don’t worry—your tax dollars are hard at work solving the mysteries of…cat stuff.