We often read the gospels and think “Oh my goodness, Judas was such a villain!”

We single him out because He did the unthinkable and betrayed Jesus. But what if you read the passages again and reminded yourself of all the times you have betrayed Jesus?

All the times that you exchanged God for something seemingly more worth your time? Your attention? Your effort?
And what’s worse, we do it more than once. Everyday, even. Yet the grace of God covers us. Jesus died even for Judas.

So what is your “bag of silver coins”? Because we all have something.

We’re all Judas.

Judas is a skinny boy with slouched shoulders, blades edged and peaked and trembling in the dark, with his mind wrenched in pieces and a bloody mess of contracting muscles where his heart should be. His laughter is hollow and flat, like a wounded animal that was shot but refused to to die just yet. There’s a tree right beside him and a rope snakes down; the weight around his throat is nothing compared to the one pressing down on his shoulders.


there are thirty silver stars on the nights sky that tell the story

innocent and pure

the boy bends over and hurls his grief in the sand


Judas bleeds silver and vomits blood,

or perhaps it’s the other way around but he doesn’t remember anymore


here’s what the books never tell you:






he was in love


his body still sways in the wind when they find him

thirty shards of broken stars at his feet

- this is the revolution I lost | r.m

The Signs As Lady Gaga Songs

Aries: Judas // Born This Way

Taurus: Do What U Want // ARTPOP

Gemini: Poker Face // The Fame Monster

Cancer: Born This Way // Born This Way

Leo: Beautiful, Dirty, Rich // The Fame Monster

Virgo: Just Dance // The Fame Monster

Libra: Alejandro // The Fame Monster

Scorpio: Sexxx Dreams // ARTPOP

Sagittarius: Telephone // The Fame Monster

Capricorn: Applause // ARTPOP

Aquarius: Bad Romance // The Fame Monster

Pisces: G.U.Y. // ARTPOP