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I'm going to a community college for 2 years and, then I'm transferring but, whenever I tell people that I feel like they're judging me because, I'm not going into a 4 year school right away. Also the stigmas people have about community colleges really make me mad too.

Going to a community college is SMART. If anyone tries to tell you differntly just say:

And forget all the ass holes who say that community college is the 13th grade.

Most people who say that shit have no idea how hard of a transition they are about to walk into when they get to their “fancy” four year school. A lot of students who start at a four year college really struggle the first few semesters.

You will have a much smoother transition into the college experience and come out with a lot less debt than those who are sticking their noses up at you right now.

Don’t let anyone who looks down on others for making smart, economical decisions just because they’re obsessed with status get to you.