Heptaedium Album Cover Project

Artists note: This illustration is the final album cover for a French metal group called Heptaedium. The client gave me the idea to work something crazy, gore and detailed with a NES zombie monster and the head of a beheaded Princess Peach. They gave me all the freedom to do whatever I wanted for the artwork  and now i have the permission to share the final approved project. 

Created by Juan Manuel Orozco


JML2ART – Various Artworks

Juan Manuel Orozco, alias JML2ART est un jeune artiste Costa Ricain fan de SF. Avec son style mêlant vectorisation pointue et tattoo, il met en avant certains des plus grands héros de la SF et du comics à travers des illustrations ultra détaillées, pleines de formes, de textures et de couleurs.

Juan Manuel Orozco, aka JML2ART is a young artist from Costa Rica. His style mixes higly detailed vectorisation and tattoo art, depicting some of the most notorious heroes of sci-fi and comic books through highly detailed illustrations, full of shapes, colors and textures.