Juan the Comedian

11/19. NEW SHOW: “I Want Stage Time” @ 222 Hyde. SF. $10 (Discount Below). Sign-Ups: 7:30PM. Show: 8PM. Featuring Miles K and a Secret Headliner. Hosted by Juan Medina. Overview: A weekly competition that awards MORE stage time. More Explained Below:

Hello, comics ! Are you looking for stage time that GETS you more STAGE TIME ? Then look no further than this Saturday at the Comedy Cellar ! 4 people will be selected by lottery to compete in the comedic gauntlet known as “I WANT STAGE TIME !” w/ your host Juan Medina

Prize: A set redeemable at Set, Up Punch! operated shows.

Show starts at 8pm sharp, you must be there BEFORE 7:30 to put your name in the draw. Rules are simple: Show up, you get to put your name in once. Buy a pizza or a beer, you get to put your name again. You even get an extra name in the draw for the NEXT WEEK if you watch the whole show ! It’s the show where you get rewarded for not acting like an asshole

AUDIENCE! Show is 10 dollars, but it’s $5 when you mention Courting Comedy or Retweet “I love the comedy cellar” from “@ThatsTheJuan” on twitter.