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November 21st, 2010 - REPOSTED xD

I’m watching Cuidado Con El Angel again!

well only for a little time anyways…

actually i think i might start over and watch it all over again…since i’ve put it on hold for so long…

i’m afraid i might have forgotten a few aspects of the show

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i’ve been stuck on Episode 35 Part 1 for so long.

I started around a year ago…

*checks my calendar*

December 1st, 2009

the exact date that i started the telenovela.

the only reason then that i started the drama was because I had to practice my spanish for my first 10 min oral.

i decided that to practice…i should be more exposed to the spanish language…either in forms of music, articles…or yes, dramas.

first i looked around for songs in spanish…and i found Camaleones by Pee Wee…which was amazing and catchy.

i found out that Pee Wee was in a drama…i don’t remember the name…but that gave me and idea. an idea to watch dramas to learn Spanish! i had done that for Chinese…why couldn’t i do it for spanish?

so i searched on yahoo answers…my favorite site for answers to EVERYTHING.

“What are some good spanish dramas to watch?”

and so there were some lists of telenovelas…

i searched up some of them until i found Cuidado Con El Angel…

the description was very interesting…and after i watched an english trailer on youtube…

i fell in love with it.

i thought the plot line was interesting…an orphan who has lost her parents…a mysterious background…a phobia of men…beware of the angel…hmm

it was different from all the asian dramas i’ve watched..

so why not? i’ll try it.

i’m so glad i tried it. it’s one of the best dramas i’ve ever watched….if not the best. i haven’t finished it…so i can’t say for sure…

it’s SO LOOOOONG. there’s 194 episodes…


i basically stopped after january…

maybe watched bits here and there…

but i entirely halted it after Juan Miguel and Marichuy separated after their honeymoon.



♪♫♪Eres luz
Que puede tocar este corazón
No hay nadie más que tú
Y enciendes estrellas en mi interior♪♫♪