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steve @ bucky in the elevator scene:

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also my opinion on it is that both jasper and lapis were abusive to each other but that doesnt mean theres no hope for either of them

people can change. ppl can understand their mistakes and grow from them. im sure the crewniverse has smth planned where lapis and jasper will reconcile and become friends again

which on tumblr is gonna cause a shitstorm, bc all of you love being bitter and never moving on from the past and yall think once a person did a bad thing theyre gonna be evil til they die. 

but. im actually excited abt this leaked episode bc we saw a side of lapis weve never seen before, before she was just a scared abuse victim, but it turns out she ALSO perpetuated abuse. which is a lot more common in relationships then people think

Honestly listening to non abuse survivors talk about jaspis is fuckin terrifying


Uncontrollably Fond, Episode 8 

“You’ve misjudged me, God. If you thought that this would be enough to make me give up and step aside… you’re dead wrong. Come at me with all you’ve got. I’ll never fall into despair, or be sad, or surrender to you.” - Shin Joon Young

ok but like what i really love about “if you want forgiveness i’ll give that to you” isn’t just the simple fact that it mirrors clarke’s earlier statement in s1, which was cute of the writers to do and hints at a ~deep connection~ between them as thought up by the writers irl

it’s that like……. in-universe….. bellamy blake literally says the words that clarke griffin told him months ago……….. like…. he’s been sitting on those words for months…. 

how many times do you think he thought about that moment

every time he was feeling roughed up or hopeless or like he’s ruined everything he’s ever touched

bellamy blake thinks he’s a monster all the time, he watches himself slip into the darkest corners of his own mind, that’s his own worst fear and sometimes (s3) he can’t do anything to stop himself

but when he recognizes that same self-abuse starting to grow in clarke he tries to give her the only comfort that he has during those times, aka the very words she gave him all those months ago

fuck i’m so dead for this bellarke shit