also, like, yeah, I know that sometimes the TARDIS isn’t a safe place (see: House taking over the TARDIS and playing mind games on Amy/Rory; JttCotT), but neither is crossing the street. 

we live in the middle of a warzone (some more literally than others, unfortunately) and somehow in the spaces in between we find families and we find love (or love finds us). it’s not always safe, but life isn’t safe.

and, despite all that: ‘you’re always safe in here’ is comforting to me. Damn, yes, it’s probably one of the best lines in the whole episode, ranking right up there with the Moment’s speech from DotD about the sound the TARDIS makes.

Clara Oswald

I loved Clara from the very beginning when she first appeared in Asylum of the daleks. She was feisty and loyal. She was my absolute favourite other than Rose Tyler. Not only was she the Doctor’s companion but she was mine. I laughed with her and I definitely cried with her. I felt her pain and her heartache. I felt her love and devotion. Her death all though I new it was coming broke my heart and my feels. And it wasn’t a pleasant death. She screamed and was in pain, she was in pain. I loved that much like Amy’s goodbye she told the Doctor being alone was not good for him. Essentially giving him the ok to grieve and mourn then move on. Thankyou Clara for all the wonderful adventures and making me feel apart of them. I wish we could have forever. The only thing getting me through her death is I like to think that now she is with Danny Pink. I guess what I am trying to say is “Thank you my impossible girl. And goodbye.” You will be dearly missed.

Clara and Twelve are Equals

What I love more than anything this season is the progression of making Clara the Doctor’s equal. It’s something I feel we haven’t really seen since maybe Ten/Donna.

Because as much as Eleven cherished Clara and as sweet as Souffez was, I didn’t find them on the same level still. And I know I’ve said it a million times but it will never stop amazing me how much the Doctor trusts and respects Clara (even if he doesn’t show it properly)


1. Leaves her alone with the clockwork droids because she’s amazing on adrenaline

2. Expects her to solve his problems inside the Dalek (which is the most dangerous place in the universe and he let’s her be alone)

3. They grab the ringleader of the three (which is of course Clara)

4. The Doctor ‘doesn’t take orders’ and yet the entire episode he does exactly as Clara says. And he let’s her fly the TARDIS with her mind

6. Trusts her to be the distraction and use his sonic to help save the world and keep herself safe because she’s smart and resourceful enough to

7. Let’s her decide the fate of the moon

And now episode 8. At the end I thought she would tell him the 'push the button’ so they could go on another adventure like she did with Eleven back in JttCotT. And that would have been a lovely parallel/comparison…but instead she pulls the lever down with him. That to me is just the culmination of how much his equal the Doctor considers Clara.

And even though he does trust her so much, the Doctor still has her back. Saving her from clockwork droids, asking where Clara is the moment he wakes up in ep4, shouting for her in ep5 when he hears her scream, coming back for her after she makes a decision with the moon, not waking her up in ep8 because he doesn’t want to disturb her or ruin her last trip and panicking when she says she’s trapped.

And obviously it goes the same with Clara in respect to the Doctor. He’s been knocked around quite a bit and yet from the moment he regenerated, Clara has always been by his side or tried to save him (even when he wouldn’t allow it)

That is a true partnership right there.

Submitted for extremelycleveruphere who requested “the Doctor helping Clara lace up a corset and looking a bit flustered.” I’m thinking she planned to keep that ‘do from JttCotT but he ends up taking her to a hairstylist who’s up-to-date with the latest Victorian trends…