Raise your hand if you remember me! 

*the sound of crickets*

My name is Machiruda de Hapsburg Eidas Greece the 23rd. Machida Kenji, if you really want the feminine look to be blown out of the water. I drummed for Lareine, did some stuff with Lucifer Luscious, and ultimately became a normal family man and fashion designer with a tiny little boutique in Shimokitazawa. 

I have been around Tumblr off and on for about….. four years. Kind of. In a very half-ass way.

Maybe I’ll stick around this time – maaaaybe not. It’s worth a shot.

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Yuuki’s Instagram: Today I talk so much with Byou chan. I take this picture while seated on Byou’s legs {Notes : i couldn’t copy the japanese part from IG with my phone so for now i just write the English and Italian translation } (ITA) Oggi ho parlato molto con Byou chan. Ho fatto questa foto mentre ero seduto sulle sue gambe