A Door to Pass Through

Here I am with the last Wednesday’s review of this season in “Focusing on…”! Today’s subject, attuned with August’s themed week, is the last album by The GazettE, named Dogma and released today. In more than a year of distance from Beautiful Deformity, The GazettE returned with an unique and engaging concept, born after their thirteen years of career. This album, defined as first movement of their Ominous Year, encloses a dark and enigmatic theme, linked to the title word, dogma, meaning something which cannot be discussed about but in this case is seen as a door to pass through, as if The Gazette are going through another chapter of their musical route. And now… let’s review!

-Nihil: the opening SE, as done with every album of them, encloses the atmosphere of the release; in this case, it is piercing and obscure, leading to an electronic beating theme, along with a female vocal.

-Dogma: the title-track, starting straight from the SE, is opened by a penetrating goth-sound, leading to a pounding and powerful rhythm, where every instrument makes an outstanding performance, in an unpredictable structure; Ruki makes an impressive work in singing, going from screamo to hints of falsetto in a single hit. —> 9.5/10

-Rage: a rapid sound starts this track, featuring a strong Kai’s performance along with the guitars; Ruki shows off his best screamos as always, along with his high tones and female vocals, bringing out a virtuous track. —> 9.5/10

-Dawn: a pounding rhythm, nearer to a pure metal-core style, starts this song, where Kai literally domains the whole melody; with powerful vocals and piercing guitars, this track is a pure headbanging one, with its unusual refrain. —> 9.5/10

-Deracine: with this track, the atmosphere becomes more “composite”, even maintaining the heavy tune of the album; the structure of the track is pretty mature, featuring a bit of Reita’s bass and Ruki showed every possible tone of him; one of the best tracks of this album. —> 10/10

-Bizarre: an electronic intro with drumming opens this track, with obscure vocals as never heard by Ruki and the song’s rhythm is rapid and well articulated, featuring once again a spot for Reita’s bass; here starts the “unusual” part of the album. —> 9.5/10

-Wasteland: the unusual part of Dogma proceeds with this song, in one of the most particual songs by them, an obscure atmosphere, where Ruki sings in the darkest way he ever made, reaching the falsetto once again; the instrumentals are complex and innovative for some aspects. —> 10/10

-Incubus: a rapid guitar starts this track, which is extremely rhythmical; vocals are alternated and fast and the structure echoes a lot the music of the album Division; an awesome song. —> 9.5/10

-Lucy: the sound is still rapid also in this track, where the melody is invaded by the guitars; Ruki’s vocals are like we are accustomed to in previous albums, but a bit darker; a good track, note the Uruha’s solo. —> 9/10

-Grudge: a pounding rhythm characterizes this song, where Ruki turns back in the vibe of the release; this track is a real surprise, for its breaking sound and its complex structure, another best track from here. —> 10/10

-Paralysis: the sound turns being heavier in this song, with Ruki which sings in a distorted and obscure way, in tune with the melody, which encloses potency and darkness. —> 9.5/10

-Deux: a whirling rhythm characterizes the second main-track of Dogma; the vocals are well put into the complex melody, which introduces more technical performances by the other members. —> 10/10

-Blemish: a devastating metal sound is featured in this track, which features a powerful tone by Ruki and a dominating performance by the guitars and the drum. —> 9.5/10

-Ominous: the final track is the unique “ballad” of Dogma, where every strong feature of this album is put all together, bringing out a mature track for The GazettE; Ruki’s interpretation, flawless as always, evolves throughout the song, along with the instrumentals, which go from the gloomy to the powerful, reaching also an heavenly vibe at the ending part. —> 10/10

Final Vote —> 10/10

In conclusion, The GazettE come back with a product which absolutely doesn’t go unnoticed. Based on a complex concept, with spiritual and obscure references, developed on a driven structure, this album can be seen as an unique great song, divided into acts, with different shades in each one. Every part of it is well developed, thanks to the musical increase of each member. Shortly this album is composed by the powerful vocals by Ruki, the two guitars, Uruha and Aoi, which play the potency, the subtle bass of Reita and the pounding drums of Kai. And this album seems that it is not the only thing that we will see from them this year. If you want to check more, visit the site of the Project Dark:Age for more updates. An album for who looked forward to The GazettE’s comeback.

That’s all folks! See you tomorrow with the next part of the themed week in “Focusing on”!

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フィードバック・インターステラ 「Feedback Interstella」Lyrics (romaji/english)

Feedback Interstella

I fell in love with this song the minute I heard it and I had this sudden urge to just put up the lyrics and translate it on my own. It is THAT good. And of course I’ve always been a huge fan of buuzG’s work and a fellow lover of utaite, Soraru <3 so enjoy the lyrics as much as I enjoyed typing it up! If you plan on using my translyrics or romaji lyrics for whatever reason, PLEASE DO CREDIT me. And lastly, I’m not a native speaker of Japanese so I tried my best in making the lyrics to make sense. It’s deep in my opinion so I might’ve left it a bit vague but it’s still a wonderful and beautiful song~~~ Enjoy~~~ I will put up the kanji if anyone wants ;) 

http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm26710506 –> Original video from nicovideo

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