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Yes but have you watched Sekai No Owari’s Dragon Night?

the GazettE DOGMA Commentary Translations BIZARRE

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              Ruki: The lyrics are presented on an axis that to me, becomes about so-called juvenile crime I think. Speaking without fear of misunderstanding, the way Japan’s current laws for juvenile crime are judged…I think it’s obscure to say “Isn’t it wrong?” What kind of judgment is decided with rules in a manual, when in reality, the weight of a crime is immeasurable.

              Uruha: This song has a really detached melody and also a robotic quality. Out of the whole album, this part probably gives a little bit of a flat impression but through the title, a strange feeling drifts… Such a feeling should describe a song that’s totally battered with an element of going crazy and, I think, a tricky element too.

              Aoi: A song with floating coldness. But it’s hard to explain “cold/inhuman” with words. However this song really is for “DOGMA” the one crucial piece of the puzzle. I think the life of the concept from here is born.

              Reita: This song has a cold impression. (Everybody keeps using the word mukishitsu) To the player, the song dares to give a clear explanation while keeping in mind that it’s totally impossible to erase all human traits. There’s a world that’s extremely dry. Something like that is being approached.

              Kai: Complete with the tone generator, you could say this song leads up a set of stairs. In terms of the album, how can this song not be seen as number one at the live. (couldn’t quite figure out what ‘dounarukaga’ means) The song goes in a direction with a violent appeal and then swings completely in a dark direction…It has a meaning with two extremes, interestingly, two dual personalities that balance each other. So when we include this song on the live set list, it could probably be either first or last depending on the way we’re able to hear.

I can’t believe Dadaroma’s explicit pv was my first pv. Omfg idk wtf did I saw but seriously that’s some crazy shit that’s gonna go down the history of vkei. It’s gonna be 3 decades later and we’re all still gonna talk about it. Imagine all of us old af near our deathbeds and this shit is still gonna be a scandal. @ dadaroma what the actual fuck. I can’t believe you guys made your mark on history


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Ughhhhhhhhh <3

Eu quero derreter na doce fragancia das dançantes flores vermelhas
Elas são como você
Me abrace mais uma vez, até que eu quebre
Eu quero me afogar em você, só assim

Por favor, só me deixe descansar no seu vazio

—  Sorrow by Deathgaze

some “visual” fans are just really pitiful they think “because you like k-pop you can’t like/hear j-rock” WHAT?? REALLY?? now my friend (who used to work en the most famous store of harajuku fashion here) is working at my store (since my other “friend” left) and many people has stop talking to her just because she is working at my store (I sell kpop and cute things) pffff why this only happend at my city? in other cities is totally normal that kpop and jrock coexist


Haters can never affect you when you’re with your squad 😎✊🏾 w/C-Lo, iChase, JRock, QPark, Toyboxdollz