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Key -bring it on, my Destiny- | Lenny code fiction (レニーコードフィクション) | D.Gray-man Hallow (ディー・グレイマン ハロー) Anime OP Theme | 歌詞, 翻訳, Lyrics, Translations, Romaji
The Method

Here I am with the weekly time-travel in “Throwback Thursday”! Today’s subject is the first full album by the visual kei band †яi¢к, named Method and released on 12th May 2013 (I will review type B, so the bonus track will not be featured here). As first full release, this album incorporates the style which this band introduced in the previous releases, putting them between past and future and surrounding their music with a fascinating aura. And now… let’s review!

-An instance: the opening SE has a gothic and particularly sad atmosphere, featuring a dark and gloomy melody, fitting with the band’s style.

-Unknown sphere: the following track, linked with the SE, is introduced by a vibrant and electronic sound; Makoto’s vocals are metallic and in upbeat vibe, and the song then evolves in something energetic and enjoyable. —> 8.5/10

-Deeper: featured as live track in the second single, this song has a more accelerated rhythm, with extreme and attractive shades; the structure is overall simple and convincing, for a good rock tune. —> 9/10

-Phenomena: the debut track of this band is opened by Makoto’s limpid vocals, mixing up aggressivity and technique in a single hit; a particularly nostalgical and good song, probably one of their best ones. —> 9.5/10

-Gensou hana (Flowers of fantasy): a dim melody, with electronic parts, opens a song driven by Tero’s drumming and by the fierce guitars; Makoto shows off clear vocals, for another good theme. —> 9/10

-Love Rain: the lead-track of their third single maintains the freaking rhythm and the living guitars, with Makoto’s good interpretation; a catchy and engaging rock song, easy to remember. —> 9/10

-Dimension: an obscure and idyllic sound characterizes a melodious and interesting rock track, where Makoto’s voice goes from soft to dark in few steps and the sound grows along with him; a pretty mature song. —> 9/10

-Beyond S+T: another SE, with a dark sound and a disquieting atmosphere and some footsteps which complete the whole thing.

-Gladiolus: some strong guitar riffs and a powerful rhythm are featured in this song, which has a strong underground taste; here the vocals are vibrant, including hard and energetic tones, for another highlight of this album, helped by a virtuous guitar solo. —> 9.5/10

-Yume meikyuu dive (Dream labyrinth dive): an obscure and unusual introduction opens the song, with a good rhythm and well driven by the guitars; here we have once again Makoto’s metallic voice, like in the second track. —> 9/10

-Scar: a melancholic guitar opens the lead-track of the second single, featuring an electronic sound and whispered vocals; then it evolves in a more composite rock theme, but anyway well built, for another efficient rock theme. —> 9/10

-Dreams: a suffused beat, which links to the title, along with Shuse’s bass, open another track which smells of nostalgia; Makoto’s interpretation here assumes a certain value, helped probably with the sudden rhythmical changes. —> 9/10

-Madness: the album ends up with a song driven by drums and guitars, in a powerful and engaging sound, with unpredictable parts; a good track, suitable for ending this album in the best way possible. —> 9/10

Final Vote —> 9/10

Following up four good singles, †яi¢к did another important step with this first album, introducing themselves in the scene at the best, even if they already did the opportune rites. As the members having past experiences in famous bands like La’cryma Chirsti and Λucifer, the band just started their new route with a little advantage, but despite of their credentials, they went to be a bit underrated and put aside against the plethora of visual bands which are present in the scene. This album can be a good reason for appreciate them more, while if you already do it, you can surely enjoy their latest work, the sixth single Fixer, released yesterday. An album for who needs to appreciate completely †яi¢к‘s good rock music.

That’s all folks! See you on Sunday for the first post of October 2016 in “Focusing on”!

Thanks for the reading!