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What needs to happen in 2015 in order to make up for 2014:
  • Big Bang Comeback
  • Choi Minho is in another drama
  • SHINee Comeback
  • JJ Project Comeback
  • BTS gets a win
  • Sunggyu Solo
  • BAP wins their lawsuit
  • CL having a successful debut in America
  • Dara being in a Drama
  • UKiss gets a win. (or a million)
  • Big Bang Comeback
  • All the underrated groups get more known- both guys and girls
  • Big Byung gets artist of the year award
  • Jessica solo and gets more sales than SNSD
  • Kris and Luhan form their own group
  • Onew goes back to blonde
  • Minho releases a mixtape
  • Big Bang Comeback

* I crossed out everything that has happened

V app and Fan Interaction

Okay so I saw this on GOT7’s latest V app live stream. They were in the pool and practically everyone had their shirt off but Jinyoung (I point him out because he’s the one who caught my eye). The conversation was totally normal up until the some fans noticed he had a shirt on. Then they started harassing him, practically screaming over the V comments to have him take his shirt off. You could see him get a bit uncomfortable by this, and start to shy away from the camera. I just want to ask the people who commanded him to take his shirt off: what power do they honestly think they hold?!? Like for real please enlighten me because I’m lost! GOT7(and any other idol really) are human beings too! They have insecurities, and emotions as well, and you need to consider them. Now I don’t personally know Jinyoung however, I can tell you one thing. The V app was created to have the idols connect with their fans, and the fans to connect with the idols. It’s supposed to create a fun, and light environment. It is not supposed to be used as some strip cam, nor is it to be used to fulfill some of your freaky fantasies, and virtually make ANYONE feel uncomfortable. So, now that we have that established…PULL IT TOGETHER! Let’s all treat each other like human beings, and not like some freaking object that you can boss around. Because they honestly don’t have to do these live streams at all! These Idols do these live streams, and they are tired. They either just did a concert, or are about to do one, are training and practicing for a new concept, or (like in GOT7’s case) are traveling around the world. Yet, they found the time to connect with US. So please guys lets not abuse their kindness, and time, but let’s show EVERYBODY some respect.

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