Can I fly like a bird?

And here I am now…

in water

perhaps that was the very last thing i remember

I was…


I’ve failed…

I don’t exist anymore…

A little bird

most people… when they fail,

they just give up and don’t challenge themselves 

but i’m different

i will never give up

i’m not afraid of anything

because you were there

i’m ready to fly



GOT7 Reaction Masterlist

Single member reactions -

Mark -

Jinyoung -

JB -


You (A Boy) Being Jackson’s Boyfriend
You (Their Crush And Yugyeom’s Girlfriend) Telling Them To Stop Teasing Yugyeom So Much
You Being Romanian
Their Daughter’s Bf Breaking Up With Her
Their Gf Telling Them To Stop Picking On The Maknae
You Calling Them While Drunk And Outside Alone At Night
You Being A Virgin
You Coming Out Of The Shower And Your Nipple Shows Accidentally
Having To Go Into A Haunted House
A Stranger Messaging Them A Picture On Accident And They Respond Because She’s Cute
You Having A Tattoo On Your Breast
Making You Cry After A Fight
You Being Their Latina Gf
You being Estonian
You Speaking To Them Sassily In Spanish
Finding Out About Jaebum’s 3 Month Relationship He Hid
You Calling Them Daddy For The First Time
You Being Polish
His Body Guard Being A Huge Fan But Acted Professional - (Jackson Reaction)