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Bad Creepypasta OCs?

I started working on a drawing with most of my and @askmadbot creepypasta OCs in one drawing, since there are about 30 of them they all don’t fit in one drawing. I was colouring Rei, when I suddenly started thinking about the fact that Rei has no face that can be seen, her face is under the skin, you can see that there is a face under the skin if you take away all her hair and I started thinking about how many people hate on others characters for having things in common with more famous characters.

It makes me angry when I see people hating on characters like Rei for “imitating Slenderman” on characters like Alex, Lizzy and Sebastian for “being a doll” for characters like William to be “too simple” and for “being demons” and always trying to find something in every single OC to hate on! “Your OC has pink hair, it’s a bad OC” “your OC has blue skin, its a bad OC” “your OC has too normal clothes, its a bad OC” “your OCs clothes need to be more normal, its a bad OC” “Your OC has curves, it’s a bad OC” it doesn’t work that way!

There are about 100 “famous” creepypasta characters, and they’re ALL OCS! Creepypastas aren’t even characters, it’s stories! And most stories does have characters in it, a story with no characters would be very boring and not much to read about right? It would be very hard to write a good story with no characters! Every character has a creator, every character started as an OC, just like mine and yours, the people who created the characters just worked very very hard to try to get others to like them! Laughing Jack is an OC, Jeff is an OC, Ticci Toby IS AN OC! It’s actually sad that I have to say that because lots of people in the creepypasta fandom doesn’t understand that! 
And with around 100 famous creepypasta characters, and 30 ocs of only me and my friend, and about 100 000 other OCs that has been created, it’s impossible to not make one have something in common with another. We have one with a button as an eye, we have one who’s a robot, we have one with 4 arms, we have one with sewn shut eyes, we have one who’s a psychopath, we have one who’s a wizard, we have one who can’t speak, we have one who’s blind, we even have a fairy! I have also been told most of these OCs doesn’t make sense, and OCs have to make sense, do they? Do you think Rake makes sense, do you think smile dog makes sense? Do you think slenderman, a supertall superskinny man with no face who’s pale white walking around in the forests makes sense? No, but we still love them! Just because Rei doesn’t have a face it doesn’t mean she’s a copy of Slenderman! 

does this look like a copy of Slenderman to you? Well not to me anyways!

Sure, if you find an OC who’s name is “Ben the laughing clockwork” and is an imaginary friend who killed his brother and started a fire in a forest and then cutt open his cheeks then fine, THAT’S A BAD OC! But you can’t compare characters like Rei to Slenderman just because her face isn’t seen! Or to other OCs like William simply because he’s a demon! The fact that William is a demon doesn’t mean that he’s a bad character! Every OC who doesn’t have a perfect father are’t copies of Clockwork or Toby! Every OC that ever was bulliesaren’t copies of Jeff! Every OC who are younger than 15 aren’t copies of Sally!