I will never understand how people can’t love music in other languages, it’s not about what they say; it’s about how it makes me feel. It’s about the music, the melody, the tune and the tone of their voice and the way every artist pronounces words differently. I don’t need to understand a word for it to give me chills.

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HIIII! I really want to know one thing! What are your music tastes? Outside of BTS, KPOP maybe?or maybe not? I want to know EVERY. SINGLE. ARTIST. you like, doesnt matter if theres billions. Thats all lmao, love youu xx

I’mma make recommended songs  💗 💗

And thank you so much for asking me this question, I’ve been wondering if anyone would ever ask me this question :”) I love you please stay safe and be happy (bc you deserve it, like the rest of my followers💗)

PS: I won’t be adding every single song that I’ve listened to but I’ll write down the good music that you guys might love (links are included)

Edit; I’ve just spent 3 hours on this lmao

❄ Indie & 80′s / 90′s (Basicially not that popular type of songs) 

[I’ve orginazed this section by the genre of the songs (like calm songs first then sad then cheerful songs)~]

❄ For chilling

❄ Korean songs that aren’t K-POP

❄ Mixed Languages

Popular songs that you might have heard of

(I could only remember those songs 💗)

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  • Attack on Titan
  • Highschool Debut
  • Seraph of the End
  • Tokyo Ghoul
  • J-Pop
  • J-Rock
  • K-Pop
  • Visual Kei
  • Basically anything else in regards to anime/manga/comics etc is welcome too, really.

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