テミン (TAEMIN) - 「さよならひとり」Dance Practice ver

My friend bought me tickets to Perfume’s concert in LA at The Wiltern on August 26th! See you guys there! :D

8 월 26 일날에 “The Wiltern"에서 퍼퓸 콘서트갑니다! 거기서 만나요!

8月26日に「The Wiltern」でパフュームのコンサートに行きます!そこで会いましょ!

It always astounds me when I show people Asian dramas or music videos and they say “why is her hair blonde?” “is he wearing makeup?” “why are they wearing colored contacts?” “this is so… Americanized.” like no shit Sherlock!! Were you expecting them to wear a kimono with hair from the Tang dynasty and running around in their mountain village? Like this is the 21st century! Get your stereotypical head out of your ass!