Music Monday - Lapis Lazuri (ラピスラズリ)

Hi Quotakus!!! Today’s feature is Lapis Lazuri (ラピスラズリ) by Eir Aoi!!!

Alot of you may have known her from her various works in famous anime television series such as, Fate/Zero, Arslan SenkiKill la KillSword Art Online & more!! Her debut single “Memoria”, is used as the first ending theme song to the anime series Fate/Zero!!!

Some of her famous songs includes, Ignite, INNOCENCEMEMORIA -after days ver.-, sirius & MORE!!!

Do check both of her out! (b ~_^)b d(^_^ d)

Boyfriend Yabu
  • Very obvious about liking you, he’d look at you a lot and drop hints regularly
  • Would ask around to see if anyone knew how you felt about him before confessing
  • Even if no one knew he’d still confess, but he’d prefer to have the reassurance of knowing your feelings beforehand
  • Would want the confession to be slightly romantic but not anything over the top
  • Would like to take the lead in the relationship
  • Extremely reliable 
  • Always punctual
  • Would hate if you lied about your feelings, don’t tell him you’re fine if you’re not
  • Slightly prone to jealousy 
  • Would find it cute if you got jealous
  • Doesn’t like PDA 
  • When you’re alone it’s a totally different story, he can be quite touchy sometimes
  • Usually has an arm draped over our shoulder if you’re sitting on the couch together, which would sometimes develop into cuddling
  • Dates are almost always thought of in advance and planned well
  • Usually, he’d show up to dates very early just in case you come early, he wouldn’t like the idea of you having to wait for him
  • He’s just very organised 
  • Very observant of your mental health and general well-being
  • Would want to help you through any problems you have
  • Likes you to be supportive, and of course, he’d be extremely supportive of you too
  • Protective of you
  • Wants to be your rock and your favourite person as that's what you’d be to him
  • Would like you both to be close to each others family
  • Yabu doesn’t seem like the type to date casually so he’d definitely be serious about you, he’d always date with the future in mind
  • Encourages you to do the things you love, even if it’s something hard to do he’d want you to do it if it’d make you happy
  • Overall, Yabu would be an extremely supportive boyfriend that wants you to rely on him as he will also rely on you

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MUSIC STATION Flashback: Ayumi Hamasaki performing “talkin’ 2 myself” in 2007.

Ayu returns to MUSIC STATION this Friday.