Joy Behar

The View, Gillian Anderson
  • Joy Behar: You know, before we get to the book I have to say to you, Gillian. You know, I said it to you on the break I'm a huge fan of "The Fall" which is on Netflix, you really should wat.. [watch it]*applause*. They love it! And you know, I mean, you play this sort of a hard-nosed, you know, she is a tough detective. But, for some reason, and maybe because you are so good, you manage to get that sensuality in there, that sexuality. Look at her!(pointing at the screen where they are showing Stella Gibson) She is as hot as a pistol in this (Gillian is laughing at this point) but she solves the crimes. How did you... how did you manage all that?
  • Gillian Anderson: She is a woman. We are all complicated. Am I right?
  • -The View, ABC, 3/13/2017
When someone asks why a nurse is wearing a doctor’s stethoscope

Clearly, ‘’The View’’ needs to get a new point of view 


Ladies of The View-

This is not my costume, and this stethoscope does not belong to a doctor.

This is worn by an RN, and my stethoscope is used on my patients far more often than any doctors’. You see, I worked hard for this. To put this on everyday is an honor. My job is not just a career, it is a calling. One that makes me cry when I get in the car to leave a 14-hour shift because I don’t know if my patients will make it through the hours until I return. I care so deeply I spend my off days furthering my knowledge because it is what I expect of myself to be the best I can.

On National Neonatal Nurses’ Day, I am reminded of the lives that have yet to be born that will rely on me to properly care for them- listening for the subtle signs of decreasing bowel sounds or the slightest murmur which could signal trouble. I put on my scrubs knowing that I am looked at by families for reassurance, hope, and calm in the face of the unknown.

I am not just a nurse and I take this job very seriously. I will stand up for the millions like me who deserve respect.


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