Joy Behar

When someone asks why a nurse is wearing a doctor’s stethoscope

Clearly, ‘’The View’’ needs to get a new point of view 


Meryl Streep and Allison Janney | The Hours, 2002

Joy Behar: You were Meryl Streep`s lover in “The Hours.”
Allison Janney: What a great lesbian to be.
Joy Behar: I mean, really, if you`re going to have somebody to be a lesbian with, that`s the one.
Allison Janney: She was – do you know what she did for me in our kiss? She said, I`m going to do you a big favor – not that I needed it – but she went in to kiss me and she pulled my face back a little for my closeup with her.
Joy Behar: Any tongues?
Allison Janney: A little – I think I bit her tongue a little bit because I was so shocked that it went into my mouth. (…)

Ladies of The View-

This is not my costume, and this stethoscope does not belong to a doctor.

This is worn by an RN, and my stethoscope is used on my patients far more often than any doctors’. You see, I worked hard for this. To put this on everyday is an honor. My job is not just a career, it is a calling. One that makes me cry when I get in the car to leave a 14-hour shift because I don’t know if my patients will make it through the hours until I return. I care so deeply I spend my off days furthering my knowledge because it is what I expect of myself to be the best I can.

On National Neonatal Nurses’ Day, I am reminded of the lives that have yet to be born that will rely on me to properly care for them- listening for the subtle signs of decreasing bowel sounds or the slightest murmur which could signal trouble. I put on my scrubs knowing that I am looked at by families for reassurance, hope, and calm in the face of the unknown.

I am not just a nurse and I take this job very seriously. I will stand up for the millions like me who deserve respect.


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