A year full of amazing Black women part 2.

#BlackGirlMagic #BlackExcellence

Guys, look at this shit.

This is not ok.

On the left you have Bella hadid, NEW comer, just a WALKER for the show. Young model from a famous family with a famous Boyfriend. But most importantly, its her first time walking. Wasn’t on the forbest highest paid model list or anything. That was the outfit she was given for the 2016 VS fashion show.

On the right. Its Adriana Lima. Angel for 17 years. Who VS WILL NOT fire/let go, keep that in mind. Huge name. No famous family, she didn’t have a famous bf until she was well into her career.Second highest paid model. She is a contracted angel. Not just a model. And this is the outfit she was given for the VS fashion Show this year. It doesn’t even look like it belongs to the same fashion show does it? Thats how cheap and half assed it looks.

Adriana is the biggest name they have. And she is actually contracted. Which means, she has to work harder than somebody like Bella(not contracted). All year around, she promotes for them, does interviews and does photoshoots. She has done this for 17 years, again because VS isn’t firing her. Bella does not these things and never has. Its her first time.

VS has been hiring models like Bella, Kendall, gigi ONLY/mainly to walk the show. So they can try to get great ratings because of the tween influence they have.Even though VS supposed to be about grown women. Anyway, in the proccess, they do shit like this.

Models like Jourdan Dunn(somebody who used to walk every year before this happened) are all of a sudden are rejected/pulled from walking the show to make space for Kengie and Bella.

New models who fit the brand more and has more talent are rejected also. Keep in mind that bella, kendall, gigi- don’t have to go to castings. VS “released a video” of castings for bella, but their dumb-asses released it BEFORE actual castings lol. They made that up. Kendall has never been to castings. Gigi, is only a model, she did not go to castings this year. But a former angel,Izabel goulart still had to go, because she is just a “model” for them now too. Usually, ONLY angels skip castings. Adriana Lima, Tyra Banks, Gisele, etc all these legendary VS angels had to go to castings first.

And now, an actual angel like Adriana Lima. Who is holding this declining brand on her own by a thread.The model who trends the longest when the show airs on social media (yes she trended longer than kengie last year). A big contributing angel like her, Is getting outfits like this, so that the nicer and more eye catching outfit goes to bella and co. Adriana is the main positive reason people still try to watch this show. She has done alot for them, she has done more than literally anybody else at this point. And this is how they treat her for some new girls, who doesn’t even work for them all year around?

Bella doesn’t even have as many followers as her, she certainly doesn’t fit the brand like Adriana. Victoria’s Secret is so fucking stupid, don’t watch that shit show. They have put everybody, who truly works hard, on the back burner at this point. Even their most loyal and one of the most hardworking model, who is also the second highest paid in the world.