Who am I without these movies,
Who am I without this man?
It was always “WE” it sounds so young to say that but it’s True.

This made me so emotional for her because of that whole roller coaster ride last 2014 and I wanna hug her so tight.

Im proud that She finally found herself and realized that she doesnt need anyone to complete her, it may sound selfish but actually it’s like her saying You have to love yourself first before loving someone else in order for you to be whole and not to get lost again.


Nick and Laura take a selfie while Jen is interviewed at the 2014 Oscars and other adorableness. 

Year 2013 in review: JOULT.














Let's Talk About Joult

“Well, guys are guys no matter what they do or "who they are,” so every guy still has to go through the same screening process with my brother, dad and me. She actually has a boyfriend now, and we have all given her the thumbs-ups, which is a first.“- Blaine Lawrence, Feb. 24, 2011 (x)

"Lots of the cast ended up getting together and stuff, which is sweet. And Nick and Jennifer Lawrence are madly in love with each other, still. and it’s been a year really since we filmed it, so it’s nice.”- Jason Flemyng, interview for Xmen First Class (x(around 3:01)

“They complement each other in the most amazing way—she’s crazy and impulsive, but he keeps her grounded.  And she keeps him on his toes.” - Zoe Kravitz, Rolling Stone, April 2012

“She’s got a boyfriend who she’s in love with and they have a wonderful relationship…” - Bradley Cooper on Howard Stern, Nov. 14, 2012 around 30:45 (x)

“Nick’s good for her. He keeps her calm,”- David O. Russell, Jan. 2014 (x)

He kind of makes you better, the only problem is that he’s got this piercing blue eyes, and he has this kind of- I’ve never fumbled, I’m very good at not fumbling with lines, and I messed up almost every take, because he just kind of has this… stare, it looks like he’s staring right through you. And that was my only complain about working with Nicholas, but he is fantastic.
—  Jennifer Lawrence about working with Nicholas Hoult.
Maybe I’m wrong but doesn’t the past weekend show you how the media is controlled through PR Management?

We get this:

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and there isn’t even a hint in the media that they can be more than friends but when this person posted this:

This happen in the news:

Then we get this:

But the truth was this:

I’m not tearing any fandom apart. People can ship whoever they want too but my question is what are they hiding? If they were friends why not just post the truth? I learned a long time ago that if people are lying about something there is a reason why they aren’t telling the truth. The media can publish stories of Chris or Liam or who ever comes close to Jen but why is Josh off limits?

Even if you don’t like Josh (I really don’t know how you can dislike him but it’s your choice) just sit a moment and think isn’t it strange to you? You don’t have to jump your ship or what ever but be for once in your life time completely honest with yourself. If Josh and Jen is “friends” or “siblings” like some people suggest they are, why all the secrecy?

They only post something of Josh when he praises Jen for something that is heavy talk about or when the media is searching for something to write about where they can link Jen’s name but never post something about Josh when they do stuff that raise some eyebrows.

If Jen is in a relationship with Liam like the press likes to suggest why is their relationship all over the news but what happened to Jen that try to keep her personal life private?

Some people will say that it’s because Josh is in a relationship with somebody else that is why? But I don’t think that Josh PR team have the man power to keep the press quiet about stuff that goes down when they are together and that argument is invalid because they link Jen with married guys and guys that are in long term relationships.

In Hollywood you are or on the Good side of the press or the bad side but on a side you will be. I don’t think I ever heard of a Celebrity that is in a huge franchise and the media ignores him completely or pretend his a ghost but I can say that they can’t write about all the great stuff about him and Jen because it will go against the PR that they maintain but they wouldn’t write anything bad about them because Jen loves him to much. So they choose to ignore him and pretend that his a ghost and write something else that can benefit the PR.

The main reason I wrote this is to just get people’s opinions about why the media and the press keep’s on publishing lies or hiding things if Josh is really just friends with Jen like everybody is suggesting? If they where friends or siblings like many fans express on the blogs why don’t we get press about how silly the two friends act? Why are they so afraid of the people getting the wrong idea if they act like normal friends or siblings do? If there is nothing to hide why are they brushing these incidents under the carpet.


New Jennifer Lawrence Comic Con Clip/ interview                                          naww she doesn’t want to say anything bad about her exes she’s too nice cutie  :) just makes me think of joult tbh ahhh those were the days