Jot Touch

Today i’d like to share some new and old brushes i use. And this bunch of free brushes is dedicated to Kazuo Oga. His pictures are the best teachers i'v ever had. I’ve learned how much colors play with each other. The research he is doing on plants is amazing and the compositions always good. The focus he is using in his pictures is always fitting.

And yes i made the drawing but it was inspired by one of his (stylus, finger and jot touch) 10 Mb
brushes for procreate

“Winter in New York”

Trying to keep committed to doing my own personal illustration work, which has slowed down a bit while working on “Penny Dreadful” (though I’ve been doing some fun concept paintings for the show over the last few months!)

I drew this while watching the first half of Martin Scorsese’s “Taxi Driver”. Somehow I resisted painting a scene of urban hellish desolation and opted instead for a snowy Central Park landscape.

I had fun sticking to a strictly limited color palette though, an exercise I plan to continue.

Made with Procreate on an iPad Mini 3 with an Adonit Jot Touch

jot touch、まだ初代の使ってるんですがちょっと描きたいものを思いついた時にipadにさっとかけて便利です。しばらく使ってたら反応が悪くなりましたが、タミヤの接点グリスでまたそこそこ描けるようになりました。

pixel pointすごくよさそうなので欲しいですね~。

My sister bought me a pressure sensitive stylus for my birthday!!! The Adonit Jot Touch 4!!! I haven’t drawn digitally since my old Wacom tablet stopped working over a year ago, so I’m excited to get back in the fray.

Obviously drawing on an iPad isn’t the same as drawing on a Wacom tablet. It’s not as smooth, of course, but it’s a LOT more fun. I love, love, LOVE being able to draw directly on the screen.

And unlike other styluses that have those cumbersome rubber-tipped-nibs-the-size-of-my-elbow, the Adonit has a fine point; in fact, it’s so fine that you can actually SEE the exact point of the nib on the screen as you draw your line! :D


Jot Touch (pressure sensitive stylus for your ipad) review in case anyone’s interested